Top Thrill Dragster 2022 Status

I do not think the station is moving. And there are a few out there that have fly-throughs. Not at that rate of speed mind you but nothing that putting up some fencing to isolate that part of the track couldn't take care of.


And there are a few out there that have fly-throughs.

Do they operate with more than 1 train? (Honest question - I do not know.)

I'm not 100% sold that the station is moving, but I also feel strong that something has to be changing. Initial thoughts would be that either it remains in place and you roll out onto a switch track for the launch that ultimately comes up over the station when accelerating backwards approaching whatever is going in the lagoon, or they move the loading station elsewhere and it remains flat going back to the lagoon.

The report is true - crane is gone

Perhaps the crane was there just to inspect the tower.

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Holy COW did they ever replace the top hat track quickly.


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Come meet the new track, it's the same as the old track.

They even painted it to make it appear faded! Impressive.

Huh…. Just an inspection I assume? I didn’t think they’d need a crane that crazy for an inspection.

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I know what happened, they brought the wrong size crane!

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Huh…. Just an inspection I assume? I didn’t think they’d need a crane that crazy for an inspection.

Might have been quicker and easier than having someone rappel. Also possible that the people doing the inspection don't have someone certified in rappelling.

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Tony Clark Troll level 1000? Haha

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GUS THE CONSTRUCTION WORKER: "Honey, after all these years I still can't believe I haven't found those keys."

GUS'S PARTNER: "Gus, you gotta let it go. You've been looking for those damn keys for almost two decades."

GUS: (clearly forlorn) "I know I should, I just can't. The keys to the car we went on our first date in are on that keychain."

GUS'S PARTNER: "Well if it bothers you that much, sit down and think. Where was the last place you saw them?"

GUS: (thinking hard...)


Suddenly, Gus rushes out of the house, tires screeching in the background as he races off...

GUS'S PARTNER: Where are you going?!?

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Has anyone asked lemon chill guy yet? Just wondering…

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I know the crane's absence has been confirmed by multiple people, but has anyone seen any pictures of the crane-less infield?

Looking forward to the next LEL video, which I will watch muted, as always. ;-)


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This Crane is usually up to no good, while one of these guys says "I see nothing".

Funny how he's "up to no good" but he's portrayed as the "good guy."

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A little late to the party here, but LEL posted a new update that confirms the crane is gone.


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I was at the park yesterday, and I must say these footers are the largest I have ever seen for a rollercoaster project. They look bigger in circumference than the tower footers. It's obvious at this point that it will be a spike of some sort, but wow it's gonna be massive. The next few months are gonna be exciting.

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Once again, the size of a footer does not necessarily indicate the height of what sits atop it.


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