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Jeff:'s definitely missing in Grand Pavilion.

Which is odd, because my recollection is that both the indoor and outdoor spaces at Farmhouse had a lot of neat touches and detail. So they have the capability to nail "place making". I wonder if with Grand Pavilion they were going for "understated elegance", or whatever. The outdoor patios I can forgive, since the view is arguably the décor there, but you're right, otherwise it looks sort of bland, especially that shot of the indoor dining area.


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The biggest thing I noticed was the plain 1980's office drop ceiling. They do have nicely textured 'tin' ceiling panels the entrance, but 90% of the building is those plain white foam tiles. Not that it's awful looking, but I feel something could have been done to add a little more character. Either more of the tin panel or something a little more decorative (Literally anything like on this page- ). Yeah it would be more expensive, but this is the 'Grand' pavilion right?

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Look what I just found

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Which one of you found that?

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Not that I want to rain on Neil or Veronica.. But I seem to recall that same video posted in this thread last fall.

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Yeah, that video was posted 6 months ago. I am sure someone else found it before now.

Crap, I was 46,001 people late.

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The Grand Pavilion patio I thought was fine, the food was also good. But not even the smells from the kitchen or panoramic views could overcome the scene and smells from the beach when you look down from the patio. I immediately regretted ordering the walleye for lunch.

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Sit tight fellas ;)

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I'm all for ****posting, but Plague On Wheels has to be one of the worst at it.

That is what makes Plague the best at it. It's so bad it is good.

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looks like TTD'a footer setup. I imagine this is what Intamin is going for with TTD.

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Joe E:

Yeah it would be more expensive, but this is the 'Grand' pavilion right?

There originally may have been plans for a fancy ceiling. But like most construction projects, certain features get eliminated to reduce cost and stay within budget. This is often referred to as value engineering.

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Any reason those are rectangular and TTD above ground footer is circular so far?

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This is a classic example of people seeing what they want to see.

Yes, the support foundations are arranged in a triangular fashion, but it's not because Intamin has trademarked arranging spike foundations in triangles, and instead dictated by the load and/or earth makeup there. Yet, that similarity is taken to suggest Intamin is involved.

Meanwhile, as you point out, Toutatis' foundations are square, while those at CP are circular. However, that difference is dismissed out of hand to maintain the assumption that Intamin is involved.

The reality is that the footer and foundation shape, size, color, taste, and smell provide approximately the same information as the zodiac sign of the crane operator.


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I seem to have lost my +1 button Brandon so I can't+1 that reply.

It also crossed my mind, as you said, that that could be the difference between local contractors and again different loads and perhaps the foundation under the footers is different, I can't imagine it's an exact match to the lagoon at Cedar Point. So many variables that don't tell us much at all.

Wait! No one's looking into the employees private information to see if we can determine anything secret??? We better get on that pronto!

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^^I heard the crane operator is a Gemini. Racing layout confirmed.

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Toutatis has a switch track into a tophat rollback, reverse spike, then over the tophat. Probably the closest thing to all the theories that have been posted here over the last few months. I wasn't a believer of the reverse spike until I watched the POV of Toutatis. Oh and Intamin makes it.

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Toutatis >> Pantheon > RRR

But seriously, Toutatis is amazing! Look forward to seeing what comes of Dragster 2.0... Swing launches are fun, but I kind of expect some tweak on this one than we have seen. Twist or some other funkiness perhaps.


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I think the launch order is going to be different.

I think TTD 2.0 is going to launch backwards first, up the rear spike, then forwards, throw in some vertical launch either on the back or tophat and you'll be able to clear it.

Pros of this are shorter cycle time (capacity), unique ride experience (and possible reverse launch speed claim), and likely a more efficient launch in terms of energy and time.

Still haven't been able to uncross these circuits...
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"Arms down, head forward, hold on"

Closed topic.

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