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Correct. The jib attachment does limit the amount of extension you can utilize for the main boom

I got it there also seems to be a lot of white track in the lot

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Unrelated but

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they could be adding a drop ride to the tower like Kingda ka?

I don't see that happening considering the capacity nightmare that caused for both rides at six flags. They can't run both rides at the same time, and have to stagger their dispatch times, therefore the capacity nightmares. I don't fully know the reasons, but I suspect it has to do with the stress of both running simultaneously causes on the tower itself.

Jeff, that track looks extremely familiar.....

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Where in the parking lot?

I thought Ka was built to run both but Jersey said they can't?

Joe I hope that's fake... Anyone know if that's legit?

Still haven't been able to uncross these circuits...
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^^My belief was that they were able to get them running simultaneously again. In fact I've absolutely seen videos of them running simultaneously in the last year or two. Are we sure that is still a rule?

Also I believe the fish chucking video is in fact real, sadly. But that's more because my faith in humanity is very low, especially when it comes to doing dumb sh#% for all of teh TikTok views, than having any actual evidence of it being real.

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If it is in fact real what an idiot for filming himself let alone doing that. May as well just go to the police and surrender now.

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It's an old video, I saw it last fall.

I was unaware that they were indeed running both attractions at the same time again. Must have figured out the system.

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I can't back it being real. But it is messed up.

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I feel like if it was real, someone at some point would have gone "yo, some loon threw a fish at us while we were riding Magnum at Cedar Point".

both kingda ka an zumanjaro are in fact running Simultaneously. New Jesrsey lifted the restrictions on both running at the same time a while ago. It still does not seem to help on Ka's dispatch times.

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"It helped Kingda Ka's dispatch time" is a sentence that will never be uttered till the day it's taken down. XD

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Drove by Battery Park, noticed the crane was down. Do they lower it every night?

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I'm sure they do. I'm not even sure you can shut those cranes down at night with the boom extended

It's been over a week, and nobody has been able to figure out what that big crane is actually doing?

Hopefully there will be some indication today now that the park is open again. The crane didn’t start doing any actual work until Tuesday when the park was closed - so technically it’s only been two days.

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Cranes gotta crane. That's no mystery.

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Someone posted that the crane is gone already

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Hi everyone,

Long-time forum lurker - extremely interested in this project. Got to ride Dragster in 2003, and have loved it ever since. Hoping for great things in 2024.

Count me among those who hope that in addition to the new Dragster - that the Tower could be purposed for a new, large, and "true" freefall tower, much like Ka and SFMM. I was never a big fan of Power Tower, and freeing up that space (along with Corkscrew, and the recent Matterhorn and Scrambler vacancies) could make for an interesting plot of land for "new development" over the next 3-5 years.

For the ride itself - I know the prevailing theory is a "spike" in the Iron Dragon area. Personally, I am hoping for a second Tower, and a resulting full-circuit Dragster '24. It seems unlikely, as the centerline of the new footer triangle appears to align perfectly with the old launch track. But could it be possible?

Also - has anyone considered the possibility that the direction of the ride will reverse by 180 degrees - i.e., start in the direction *towards* the Iron Dragon lagoon? Just spit-balling possibilities here - horizontal launch to (and vertical launch up) a brand new large Tower, drop down, then a second horizontal launch up and over the old Tower; return to station. What do you think? This type of arrangement would also appear to open up new possibilities for the queue line; enter near the Magnum rather than near the Lagoon, which is considerably more land-strapped.

Anyway - I am enjoying the drama and speculation.

The question I've been wondering about recently re: the spike placement being right in line with the original load station is where the new station will be moving to? It seems unlikely they will be swing launching a train at over 100MPH less than 10 feet from the platform, and even more unlikely that they're knocking this thing down to 1 train a la the Intamin impulse models by not utilizing a switch track.

So if we're to believe that this thing is going to traverse the current launch track back and forth between the alleged spike and current launch top hat, it's reasonable to believe that there will be some sort transfer track that delivers the train into that section once it has left the station. Perhaps you'll now load at the end of the old brake run or the previous unload station?

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