Top Thrill Dragster 2022 Status we doing with that "block user feature? These kids are getting f%*/ing obnoxious

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It's on the backlog. Probably a release late in the year, but I'll try to get interim builds before then.

Frog Hopper King:

While I can't know the specific reason it isn't operating right now, this is destroying my faith that Zamperla can handle the dragster project.

I can't say for sure, but this is the first one made of this stock model, and as far as I can tell, the car centering mechanism is new. That's what's they appear to be having an issue. They'll figure it out.

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Perfect. Following conversations will be even more challenging when people start muting each other.


But more importantly, do we need to relitigate how frequently Intamin's rides didn't open with the park, and/or had exceptional downtime during their inaugural seasons? Their flume ride - not exactly a new product category - got ripped out after 5 seasons because it was such a disaster.

Intimins track record has significantly improved over the years. Velocicoaster is a great example.

Oh, Frog Hopper King. When Walmart is out of Mountain Dew does that destroy your faith in Walmart’s ability to provide groceries now and forever in the future?

I'm confused why you think this is an analogous situation. You might need to explain it to me.

I can't say for sure, but this is the first one made of this stock model, and as far as I can tell, the car centering mechanism is new. That's what's they appear to be having an issue. They'll figure it out.

I hope you're right.

My point is this: Zamperla has basically been mainly making these wild mouses. I would think they would have them figured out by now. It's destroying my faith in them handling a project they haven't done yet.

Yall sound like the same people when a new video game comes out. "Why did you expect it to work the day it was released, they will patch it with DLC."

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I would LOVE if Mack was involved in this. Blue Fire at Europa is excellent and they have a great track record.

And I guess they have SOME experience with CF with the carowinds ride....

who knows... but I think zamperla is the favorite, with Intamin the bizarre dark horse option.

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Plague on Wheels:

...what changes to protocols or processes will be made (if any) to ensure that an incident like this doesn't happen again?

You mean, other than immediately shuttering the ride and completely renovating it to a literally-unprecedented extent?

Come on. You're not owed anything from the park. Either you trust their safety record, or you don't. And they have a very good safety record.

As for the bootlicking comments, it's clear you're just trolling at this point, and not very well, either. I don't need an ignore/block feature, my mouse has a scroll wheel.

Frog Hopper King:

Intimins track record has significantly improved over the years.

Shoot the Rapids is not ancient history, and the $14 million attraction (in 2023 money) should still be in the first half of a long service life. And yet it's not, because Intamin could figure out how to make boats float down a flume, something that other companies perfected last century.

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StR closed in 2015. We are 2 years away from the closure being a decade ago. 8 years is a long time to improve.

Framing the str conversation this way is a little silly. Yes not ancient history, but long enough time to improve a track record, obviously. Shoot the rapids seems to be the only strong argument y'all come back to. Yeah this one was a dud, everyone has moved on.

You should really email universal and tell them they have made a huge mistake, I'm sure they would appreciate the input.

Also y'all realize that cedar point inst turning dragster into a boat attraction right? They are putting in lsm's and most lilly a spike. Both things intimin is doing very well currently.

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Well. Don’t be too surprised but there is currently a large crane under the top hat. Top hat track may be going after all!

From those pictures the crane doesnt look big enough for top hat work. Maybe they are removing hydraulic launch stuff. Or maybe starting to put track back on?

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If it is the type of crane I believe it is from pics it is much much taller than it looks

Everyone on this thread is making me think of a different type of Crane

TPP posted some footage. This crane is huge

I stand corrected. Those pics make it look a lot larger. Interesting.

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Well, I didn't think it was likely at all that tophat track would be replaced. But this seems to give more credence to ElToroRyan's scoop.

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What "scoop" is that?

Eat 'em up, Tigers, eat 'em up!

The video he posted months ago, claiming tall rear spike, Zamperla, and removal of tophat track, before there was any visible evidence of any of the above.

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Wouldn't they need two cranes to remove track? One to to hoist tradespeople up to disconnect track segments, and another to hoist the track itself? And if track replacement is happening, I would expect that new track would be staged somewhere? Those cranes ain't cheap, and I would think they'd want to do the removal and installation at the same time.

Of course, they could just be painting.


Could be that they are removing track now and replacing later.

Could very well also be that they are just painting.

I still wouldn't be considering tophat track removal as likely (from a cost perspective, why not reuse what is already there and is perhaps the one part of the ride that wasn't problematic), except that so far ElToroRyan's predictions, allegedly based on a reliable inside source, seem to be accurate, at least as far as we can see thus far.

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^I'm with you on painting. DA20pilot, anyone could be right when there's 100 guess on YouTube. I don't get this eltororyan hype.

Eat 'em up, Tigers, eat 'em up!

I doubt the crane is for painting, as they already repainted the ride once, without cranes.

I'd say its more likely they are going to replace the track. If they are taking the old track down, I'd say its another nail in the "Intamin is doing the refurbishment" coffin.

I suspect ETR's video was more than just a guess.

It would be a heckuva wild guess to call a massive rear spike way back last year, while also calling Zamperla prior to their introduction of the new trains at IAAPA, and calling the removal of tophat track in the same video.

If all 3 of these come true, I would be inclined to believe he was legit when he claimed he had an inside scoop, as opposed to just guessing.

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