Top Thrill Dragster 2022 Status

I think there will be some sort of re-profile. I can’t imagine just replacing the track with something essentially identical. That would seem kind of pointless.

None of this is how cranes work

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Nobody tried to explain how cranes work.

Eat 'em up, Tigers, eat 'em up!

If they are replacing tophat track, maybe the primary purpose is to get rid of the twist on the way down. Maybe something to do with the new trains not handling the tight rotation. Or subjective ride experience. Personally, I always thought the twist detracted from the drop.

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None of this is how cranes work

Great point. I'll have to keep that in mind.

Cranes can't replace track. Noted.

argues just for clicks


all those people that were ridiculed of being Rollercoaster Tycoon "fanboys" may just be shaping up for an apology

Frog Hopper King:

Cranes can't replace track. Noted.

It’s a real shame how we’ve lost that technology over the last 20 years.

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Personally, I always thought the twist detracted from the drop.

I agree with you, I would have preferred non-twist on the descent.

#team non-twist

Easiest record to break...

Invert the top hat..

Then you have the worlds tallest inversion.

I could see them doing that

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Sure would make the perfect launches where it balances at the top more exciting.

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To the point about needing two cranes

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Two cranes? Nah, you can just free climb it.

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It's always fascinating to me how popular YouTube channels where the creators do clearly illegal but cool **** are, like climbing a coaster, or hopping trains, or crossing Wales in a straight line.

So there was a pic posted online today (not sure if I should post it here because it has someone’s face in it) from the Stakorta plant (made the structure for Dragster) with FRESH Intamin blue and orange track and supports behind them. Wondering if it could be dragster

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Here it is with only the track in the background cut out

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Orange and blue? Finally, a tribute to the Mark Price era Cavaliers.

I was thinking more along the lines of NASA. The idea of it being space themed has been brought up before. And both blue and orange have been prominent colors in space travel in a variety of ways….:

Top Nerf Blaster lets go

But seriously, space themed would be awesome and these colors match up with it.

We might even see Intamin's new vertical launch perhaps added to the spike. Their prototype video is based around one big rocket.

Cedar Fair has/had a trademark for the name Polaris as a ride name. Would be a pretty sick name for a space themed ride. And with their habit of naming individual trains. You could have 4 trains named after famous NASA space craft.

  1. Mercury (Friendship if you want a specific name)
  2. Apollo (Eagle for a specific name)
  3. Atlantis (shuttle) (Because you probably wouldn’t use Columbia or Challengers considering their disasters + the history of pieces of Dragster “blowing up”)
  4. Artemis or Orion (Artemis is the current set of missions Orion is the capsule being used).

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