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Semi-related. Appears Iron Dragon will in fact not reopen until “Mid-May”

The video thinks they're 'installed' in that location. It said the drill was working there for the last week. It looks like that would put them in line with the track on that side. In that same frame, there are some walls between the forms and the photo booth. Are those new, or part of the old platform? (yeah, the one Brandon's interested in.)

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They appear to be "installed" there in the same way my vacuum cleaner is "installed" in the hall closet.

Also, maybe the drone pilot could see more clearly, but it did not appear that the drill rig was doing anything other than awaiting a truck to come pick it up when it was situated near the old station canopy.

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They just updated the description on the site:

"This fiery beast leaves nothing to the imagination. It gives you everything you love in a coaster and still has you begging for more. Better yet, the Iron Dragon will literally leave you hanging over the Cedar Point Gravel Pit. Will you swing across or will you dive in? This coaster leaves you second-guessing as it swings side to side over the park and across the pit at adrenaline-inducing speeds. And when you’re traveling that fast, with nothing but gravel and forests beneath you, there’s nothing you can do but scream and hold on tight. Note: Thoosies who wish to argue about concrete placement can find special seating near the Gravel Pit."

Sit tight fellas ;)

God darn it. Write gullible on my forehead because I actually went to see if they updated it

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Taking another look at the video, the bolt patterns for the corner footer bases are damn big. Roughly 2-3 times as wide as Iron Dragons support bolt pattern, which is already fairly oversized compared to most coasters. Wonder size wise how they compare to the top hat footers.

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Wow, this new dip and dots location is going to be wild

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The three cylinders are interesting. They appear to be precast concrete pieces, rather than steel like you would usually see used. Precast would be an odd choice to use as molds when pouring concrete. However, the fact that there are three of them makes it seem they would have something to do with the three piers to be poured.

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To me they look like steel forms, a much larger and stronger (and reusable) version of a Sonotube.


Since were running with imagination here..

When the only demolition and construction was on the launch section people used it as evidence were only getting a quick launch swap. Then when the station got demo'd it was only for the new hardware and arrangement. Now with the massive footers rear of the station it's probably a "que area" or a baby spike at most.

Following the pattern to here, im still holding out hope for no spike, but an extended full circuit layout, and that this is just the beginning of footers and construction.

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When the construction was only on the launch side, that's all the evidence there was to go on. Same with the station. Now that a large massive concrete triangle with what appears to be footers has appeared, there is finally evidence beyond hearsay that there could be more to it.

I have not had the time to follow all the drone videos very closely, but wasn't there also a second triangle formed right behind the Coasters dining location?

And what's a "baby spike"?

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That's exactly it. You can guess anything, but the likely answer can and should change as the situation evolves and there is more observable evidence. People were making predictions when the walls went up, and that was nothing beyond wishful thinking.

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New LEL video update just came out and it shows the 3 massive cylinders installed and concrete poured into the new triangle queue line

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It’s so obvious the three big footers is for the steel columns that will hold up the massive canopy covering the new queue area.


It’s so obvious the three big footers is for the steel columns that will hold up the massive canopy covering the new queue area.

And they are probably mounting massive TV screens on those columns.

They need to bring back queue DJs and now they have the sufficient foundation

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Three sided giant billboard

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A few things of note.

Pictured on the cofferdam are the cylinders mentioned earlier.

You can also see some more recent construction where the unloading station was. (Right above ID track top left of the photo. I wonder what that could be for.

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My guess as to the sub ground level work being done in perfect alignment of the triangle is additional foundation work for the transition to vertical of the forces.

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I was at KI today and I noticed a couple of enthusiasts ahead of me in line for Mystic Timbers. I won’t go into how I identified them right away, but something that caught my eye were their CP crew hoodies. One for TTD and the other had on Steel Vengeance. I assumed they each had worked on those rides. So I found myself behind them again on the way out and said randomly (and loudly) “So, Team Spike? Or Not Spike?” A few awkward moments passed and one of them finally turned around and gave me a bothered look and as he was turning back around said “No Spike” as if it’s something everyone should already know. It was all I could do to keep from laughing out loud. So I did.
Anyway, I thought I’d let you know the experts have spoken.

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