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If the spike goes over top of the Iron Dragon track, they're gonna need something to protect it from flying metal plates. I propose a tunnel with scales, lights, fog, and dragon themed pyro.

Also, Brandon does this update mean your floors are nice and clean now?

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^^Well I for one was darn sure a spike was coming, but after hearing that, now I'm not so sure. 🤣🤣

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Guy was probably thinking you were asking him what to do with a football after a touchdown.

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...wasn't there also a second triangle formed right behind the Coasters dining location?

One of the videos mentioned that, but I did not see evidence of that in the video nor have I seen evidence in subsequent videos. Which makes sense since Coasters isn't remotely close to being aligned with the launch track.

Although if I recall correctly in the video the narrator mentioned that this mythical Coasters Footer meant that another footer would be placed in the midway toward the bleachers, and the three footers would combine to support a megastructure that would allow the spike to reach the stratosphere or something.


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I don't see the mythical footer by the bleachers happening, but I'm interested in seeing how this whole thing intertwines with ID once vertical construction begins.

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Here's a fun exercise. If you're modifying the ride with the intent of using LSM's to propel the train, let's assume that you need more horizontal length to make that happen. If you think of it in terms of putting energy into the train, then you can theoretically use half as many LSM's if the train runs over them twice (not accounting for loss of energy to friction), but there are constraints. The first is that you have to decide where to put the transfer to put the trains on the loop, and the further down track you go, the more you either have to add track to get to that point, or relocate the station down track. Icebreaker, for example, has its transfer as far down track as possible before the track elevation changes. Then for whatever bits of track are up from that with LSM's, you have to decide what the cost trade off is between the vertical structure required to reverse the train direction and using more LSM's.

I think when we did the math, using the Ferrari ride as a reference, that you might need to start the launch in the station, which isn't a lot of margin for error. With that in mind, you'd only have to go back an extra 200 feet or so, which, not coincidentally I suspect, is where the mystery footers are. And while you could curl the track up, you really would only need it to be a gentle slope high enough to go over Iron Dragon.

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I guess you could bring logic and science into this discussion, but its more fun to see "MASSIVE SPIKE FOOTER CONFIRMED, HOW TALL WILL IT BE????" on youtubes.

Sit tight fellas ;)

Does anyone else see a spike that massive as… an eyesore or perhaps out of place?

Not following the logic part. Those footers are pretty big for only a gentle slope.

@MaverickDude - I think the thought he was expressing is that the track would have a gentle slope leading up to the new spike (or whatever it will be) so that it will be high enough to clear the Iron Dragon track before reaching the spike and going vertical.

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Does anyone else see a spike that massive as… an eyesore or perhaps out of place?

Yes! I think this will either look super cool or awful. I think its going to come down to if the track and supports match the rest of TTD.

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In a park that has Power Tower, Millenium Force, and the original Dragster tower, you think another spike would be just too much of an eyesore?

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I dont think MF is an eyesore at all, nor the other rides. But I've always thought TTD's tower was hideously ugly. But, if you're gonna have a big eyesore, might as well have 2 and have a ride experience that's that much better.

Not if the spike is enclosed. They could bring back the Disaster Transport look. Boom, eyesore problem fixed. You're welcome internet.

The laser light show/Luminosity screen was an eyesore. Disaster Transport was an eyesore. Dragster? I don’t think so, but I suppose it’s subjective.

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I think Dragster looks like an Amusement park ride tbh seems like it fits right in with everything else in the area. I do think Frontier Fling and all those rides look like power poles though

Slingshot I like, the colors work. Frontier Fling I agree looks unappealing

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Frontier fling will be getting removed for a GCI/log flume combo in two years. No worries.

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If a GCI is ever built, I can picture it replacing Corkscrew. Good possibility too, considering the recent relocation of Matterhorn and Scrambler.

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When is the last time GCI built anything in the US?

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