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those suggestions were based purely on hopes and dreams rather than any actual, observable evidence.

No, they weren't. A little over a month ago I made those predictions based on my professional experience. Pretty sad that you're still clinging to making subtle jabs at me because you were wrong.

No, he's right about the hopes and dreams thing. Frankly that's still correct, as there is little change in observable evidence. And far from clinging to anything, he's openly changing his opinion based on changing context. Not speaking for him, but I think you grossly overestimate where you rank in his daily intent.

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A little over a month ago I made those predictions based on my professional experience.

Forgive me as I have been away from these forums for a while. But what exactly IS your professional experience?

Pretty sad that you're still clinging to making subtle jabs at me because you were wrong.

Nobody is right or wrong as it stands. No need to do a victory lap just yet.

And now you're moving your goal posts.

I'll basically echo what Jeff said above. Changing your opinion on a subject based on new information is not "moving the goal posts". Personally, I'm still skeptical that certain aspects of the reverse spike rumor are true but that's because I have yet to see the evidence to fully support it. Right now, it just seems a bit more plausible.

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I don't see any compelling evidence. I'm open minded to seeing it when and if it emerges, but a new hole where (some of) the infield used to be just looks like a hole where (some of) the infield used to be. Filled with water.

And as far as Zamperla being identified from a "source"; none of that emerged until after the industry show down in Florida, and Zamperla was saying (and showing off) some things that could certainly be inferred as to being related to Dragster. I would guess that anyone actually paying attention to the industry would have Zamperla as the best bet after that.

Is there something I'm missing that is making it more plausible?

Lots and lots of time between now any May of 2024. Lots of things could change. As far as it stands now, it just looks like a new company is reimagining the same ride. They're just making room for their new toys.

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That's interesting, Kevin. I guess I haven't been paying enough attention to the details to realize ETR's Zamperla comment came after IAAPA. That makes the prediction less prescient considering the size of the industry, and the very safe assumption Intamin wasn't going to be invited to the party, eliminating them as a possibility.

MichaelB, I was referring to no one in particular when referring to the "layout change faithful". To me, anyone who was foretelling of grand layout changes based on rumors, or on simple marketing word choices, or tarot readings are one and the same. As Jeff said, you don't rank that high for me to call you out specifically. Nothing personal.

I'm in agreement with what Adam said above - a reverse spike only seems slightly more plausible at this point, and that's not me "moving the goalposts". It's me changing my view based on new developments - AKA evidence - at the work site.

It'll be interesting to see what happens this week given the FB post above.


I’m loving all of this speculation and how much is unknown. A lot of investigative work from enthusiasts throughout this project without layout leaks, ride name patent leaks, etc. This really is one of CP’s greatest teases and best kept secrets in a long time now that we have the power of the internet. It just adds to the excitement for me.

Is this REIMAGINED going to be a gamechanger tho!


Only time will tell. We won’t know until opening day 2024 (assuming and hoping it’ll be ready for opening day).

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I’m loving all of this speculation and how much is unknown.

Exactly. It's a fun time to be a Cedar Point fan.

Tony and Tyler teasing Skyhawk's eventual announcement was what led me to finding Pointbuzz (and soon after Coasterbuzz) in the first place way back in 2005. If I remember right, they "found" mysterious blueprints in a trash can next to the Town Hall Museum (R.I.P.).

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It's been a while since I've posted, hello everybody! Getting caught up with the thread, and looking back at my previous prediction of the entire structure being sold off, which I couldn't have been more incorrect about. I'm sticking with my revised prediction, of the launch being reversed, and the trains being launched up the spiraled side, then down the straight side (New Formula), possibly into an extended finish following the new drop? Certainly could explain why the brake-run supports remain, while it's track was shipped off? Same goes for the launch-side track, and why it has been further dismantled??

Near immediately after the announcement this summer, I ran into this thread and layed our reasonings there will be a changed or extended layout.

I think I made a 10 point post about it.

I also made a 3D model for some possibilities as examples.

I was laughed out of the thread by all but like 2-3 people.

So many people said the marketing statement had 0 bearing and significance on whatvwas being done. I even went as far as to pull almost word for word similar statements from Cedar Fair at Knotts.

The hubris of others tastes so sweet.

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I ran into this thread...

...I made a 10 point post about it.

I also made a 3D model...

I even went as far as to pull almost word for word similar statements...

And I'm still laughing, FWIW.


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Near immediately after rhe announcement this summer, I ran into this thread

Should watch where you're going then......

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Interesting FB post from someone local who works construction….

I guess they meant next Monday...

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I was wondering about that, I almost wondered if the PR set that up just to mess with people.

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Not that I lend any credence to a random Internet post, but to be fair if there were track removal happening on the tower, it would take a few days to set up the massive crane necessary for that.


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That crossed my mind Brandon, but wouldn't we see them prepping the crane on cam 2 or could they have that feed on a loop?

My other thought if the post is legitimate was could it be more ground work and they're not actually working on the tower and this poster didn't know that?

Still haven't been able to uncross these circuits...
DJ Fischer

Reminds me of my friend in junior high who bragged to everyone he knew that the county fair hired him to park cars, and he didn’t even have a drivers license. I wish I’d been there to see the look on his face when they handed him his flag on a stick and his orange vest.
In other words the guy who’s going up high to tear down the top thrill dragster is probably… not.

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From what I have seen, weather on the webcams has been consistent with the daily local weather. Shows sun on days with local sun. Rain/clouds on days with local rain/clouds. Whitecaps on water on days with high local winds. Seems like it would be a lot of work to run the correct loops for the given weather each day. If they don't want to show what is happening with the TTD tower, I would expect the park to move the camera to a different location.

They will have members of the public at the park this weekend. So large cranes or missing track high up on the tower will be obvious from pretty much anywhere inside the park. Though guided tours should limit the ability to camp out at/near TTD trying to peak over fences.

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If they were to be doing any work that requires the large crane, I'd have to think they wait until after they host an off season event. It's not like there are time constraints at the moment.

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