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Just think. With a swing launch those of you who never got one will be guaranteed a rollback with each and every ride.

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Eltororyan puts out another video and all of a sudden a swing launch has reached "legitimate discussion status". This thread is itself a rollercoaster. I love it. Even though I dislike the fact it took a rando talking about it on YouTube.

My slight shift has almost nothing to do with a YouTube video and far more to do with the work being done on the ground. Previously when the "layout change" faithful were making their rounds, those suggestions were based purely on hopes and dreams rather than any actual, observable evidence. Since that time an awful lot of additional observable evidence has been revealed. Specifically for me, it's the extent of what they've removed since then - the entire station (aside from the canopy), turnaround, and the surrounding areas.

As for ElToroRyan, he deserves, at least for now, some nonzero amount of credence given he was the first, or among the first, to peg Zamperla's involvement. That said, this wouldn't be the first (or second or third or Nth) time an enthusiast threw a bunch of stuff at the wall and got lucky with one of them. That applies not only to him, but also to folks here who were convinced on day one that grand layout changes were coming to the ride.


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Another thought I had. The super tall spike would be cool. But in theroy they don't need it right?

If they do a swing launch the rear spike only needs to be tall enough for the coaster to have enough momentum at peak to go through the launch forwards and the combined energy of the fall out off the spike and the launch to send it over the top of the tophat. Right?

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If the speculation is correct that LSM tech has advanced to the point where the existing horizontal track was sufficient, the spike wouldn't be necessary at all, and would instead be just for funsies.


Isn't that what amusement parks are for in the first place?

Interesting FB post from someone local who works construction…. Seems this is a soft confirmation (if true) about top hat track changing?

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DJ, good point, I was thinking efficiency of a swing launch with a spike even if not needed. In my mind would a swing launch lower or raise the cost per launch? Maybe even if LSMs are capable of direct launch they are more efficient with swing and it's a long time financial saving plan?

Still haven't been able to uncross these circuits...
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those of you who never got one will be guaranteed a rollback

This is the sad part for us. Not once did anyone in our family get one.

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My wife and I were lucky enough to get our 1st and only rollback during a CoasterMania night ert session from the front row. Best ride TTD ever gave us.

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I was lucky enough to get two roll-backs on the same weekend, on opening weekend in maybe 2012 or 2013. One on first public train of the season, and the other on one of the last trains of the night the day after.

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I never got one. Missed it by one train once through. Was waiting in the station for them to reopen, decided to wait for the front row instead of getting on the 1st train after the restart. Didn't know as much about the inner workings back then. Of course the 1st train rolled back.

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My friend and I got a rollback when we were front row. It was absolutely incredible!

If that local construction worker is to be believed. I wonder exactly what is being torn down. Just track or more. I would bet that they wont keep the park camera on the tower during the process.

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I got two rollbacks over the years and they were back to back. Rollback, reset, rollback, reset, successful launch over. Then it was shut down for two hours. Our friends were in the train behind us and never got a launch. We got three.

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Adam and Branden, I agree that is ok to change your mind based on evidence and the way things are going. I'm mainly talking about the ups and downs of this thread. I'm surprised by the precision of removal then almost all out removal. I wonder if plans changed or they found out new info about how things will go back together after the sent the track to wherever they sent the track.

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Dvo said:

"Hear me out. The infield will be a new layout for not only one, but two dueling launched coasters. And the tophat is no longer a tophat, but each side of the tower is the reverse spike for each of the dueling launched coasters."

What SHOULD'VE been done originally in 2003.... I said something similar (my wishful thinking) to this a few weeks back. Not in the old infield, but on the current set of 2 tracks, I can picture 2 dueling formula one cars race against each other toward the current top hat. You could place a stop block (or something similar) in the top middle part of the highest point of the top hat. The cars could face each other when they meet at the top (not go over the current hill), and then you could have a true rollback for each car on every ride back into each station. You place your new Christmas tree in the middle infield (after the launch), build a NEW clone loading station to the left of the current one, facing the opposite direction (like a T shape) and bam you have your new ride. Oh and the old turnaround track area that used to go back into the station? There's your spot for your new queue line my friends, out of the way from any possible flying debris.

Waiting for EltoroRyan in 3, 2, 1..... have some original ideas bro. ;)

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I wonder if plans changed or they found out new info about how things will go back together after the sent the track to wherever they sent the track

-Adam G- The OG Dragster nut

If the tower track removal rumor is true, I wonder if it’s only limited to modifying the 270* twist so that the speculated Zamperla trains, which appear taller than the old trains, have proper clearance. But then again what’s cheaper, modifying a train design to accommodate clearance on an existing track course or modifying track 300-400 feet up?

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those suggestions were based purely on hopes and dreams rather than any actual, observable evidence.

No, they weren't. A little over a month ago I made those predictions based on my professional experience. Pretty sad that you're still clinging to making subtle jabs at me because you were wrong. And now you're moving your goal posts.

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The only recent example of an LSM launched ride that approaches the same speeds as Dragster is Red Force. Red Force, however, has shorter three car trains as opposed to Dragster's 5 car trains, which would require significantly less power to launch. In rough numbers, I estimate to match Dragster's launch with a 5 car train, a peak power of 10MW would be required, which is a LOT of power. A hypothetical "swing launch" would reduce this number given that the ride would now have 3 (5?) passes to get over the tower. This also gives the added benefit of providing all riders with the coveted rollback. I certainly don't know what they are going to do, but Cedar Point could hypothetically build the back tower 457 feet tall and reclaim the world's tallest roller coaster title no one cares about.

Well, if the spire and shuttle launch turns out to be true, that would fall in line with their thinking that Wicked Twister was expendable.

I did think it was interesting to see that the track supports on the brake side remain but are gone on the launch side. Made me think they might add an airtime hill there or something, perhaps even launching up the other side of the tower and coming down into an airtime hill on the former launch side.

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