Top Thrill Dragster 2022 Status

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While this doesn't 100 percent confirm track layout for TTD, this sure heavily hints toward it.

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Hints towards what? This has many implications but it confirms nothing about track layout.

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They put in Top Thrill Dragster without having to remove this section of Track. Why would they have to remove this section if they were just simply flipping to LSMs?

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The location of the removed track is interesting in that it isn't the ID track nearest TTD's track (that would be the second turn after the second lift), it's the track behind the station and launch track.


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Right behind the Photo Booth. The rumored location of the spike.

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I wonder if Iron Dragon will need to stay closed in 2023 if they do indeed build a spike.

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Let me rephrase just a bit. With the amount of work being done on the site, the theory that we are looking at just an LSM flip seems less and less likely, but still possible. I feel as more evidence is mounting that we are looking at a bigger project with a possible layout change to the attraction.

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And the flags are gone that were positioned above the station. Wonder if the station structure is set for demo as well

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I feel like I missed something. Is someone posting WCO updates somewhere?

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CP Rundown is on Facebook. Not actual updates, just some pics.

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I wasnt smart enough to connect the location of the pics of ID and that possibility. Sorry.

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Hey your smart man! Some of the pictures didn't make it clear where the track was removed. It could be a coincidence.

If the current station structure goes, my guess would be to move the new unload and load to the old unload section. This would give more room for a longer launch and room for a possible transfer track and spike (IF that is indeed in the cards). That's just my guess tho.

For those who haven't seen, here is the pics of removed track.

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If they go with the spike, it could make most sense to lay footers this year with ID track down so they can go vertical next off season.

…also someone was nice enough to show the mission sections on google maps. Interesting.

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Well, Iron Dragon is certainly an interesting development. That is making the swing launch rumor a bit more plausible.

If the swing launch were to happen, my wish is for the back spike to be straight in the range of 95 to 100 degrees, or just past vertical. Lots of good out of your seat floater air, but not quite ejector air.

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Iron Dragon section removed so they can tie into it at that juncture for Top Thrill Dragon.

Well, for those that wanted it , Iron Dragon finally has more ejector and air time now!

Can Iron Dragon coexist with any new Dragster structure?

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Per the Cedar Point Food Blog, Iron Dragon will be reopening this year. (

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Also Forbidden Frontier is not returning. Wonder if that opens up ideas for an extended layout throughout the island.

I always envisioned the drop from the top-hat of TTD just going over and diving straight down 420' (no spiral), and on to Millennium Island where the layout could possibly have been extended, or even straight down and into the current brake run? Not a fan of the spiral in the drop. To me, the spiral is cool once. I got in line for TTD for the hydraulic launch, overall experience. Personally, always loved TTD, but it always left me wanting a better drop.

As for the piece of Iron Dragon being removed? I noticed when I looked at the Google Maps linked directly from a few weeks back or so, it had Iron Dragon & Top Thrill Dragster listed as Temporarily Closed? Today, neither of them are even listed?

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