Top Thrill Dragster 2022 Status

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^as opposed to...?

380 MF laps
Smoking Area Drone Pilot

Why does Cedar Point Park LLC list a P.O. Box in Dallas Tx?

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Sit tight? As you previously mentioned? What is that comment even supposed to mean?

Eat 'em up, Tigers, eat 'em up!

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PoW is just trying to be an insider or some nonsense so when something inevitably does get announced at the end of this year, he can go "see? I told you to sit tight!".

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I think that's exactly it. You know how we solve that? We all need to make vague claims, too.

Saddle up, buckaroos. The changes are gonna be a doozy!

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Trust me. It will be worth the wait.

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All I'm officially allowed to say is nothing, except that a certain percentage of you will not be disappointed. You can trust me.

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Promoter of fog.

Some minds will be blown. Other minds will be bemused.

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Plague on Wheels:

......sit tight fellas ;)


You boys better invest in some good Attends because you will **** the bed when you see this one ...

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argues just for clicks

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Stand back and stand by ;)

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Unless you're willing to make any concrete predictions, you're not fooling anyone with your vague, attention whoring nonsense. Anyone can say meaningless stuff like "sit tight" and then come along after the announcement and claim they had the inside scoop all along.

TL;DR: Put up or shut up.


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My prediction is that there will be more concrete added to TTD, but please don't call me a whore. Its all in good fun ;) That is all, thank you.

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Well that doesn’t make your “sit tight” comment any less attention whore. No **** they are going to add more concrete lmfao. And just like Dj said you’ll come out of the wood works for any tiny confirmation of anything happening and go “see guys I told you”. Viral FOMO really has ruined the internet.

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I believe it was an attempted play on words based on my use of "concrete prediction".

Obvious troll is obvious.


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Don’t feed the trolls. No new updates yet. Can’t wait to see what’s happens. I’ll be pumped either way. Just a new launch or with layout additions.

The Crystal Method is the only way to find The Winner!

Cedar Pointer:

I’ll be pumped

Is the pumped reference a prediction that they will be pumping in concrete? I knew there would be concrete involved just like Plague predicted.

I am sitting tight until further revelations are made.

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I’m gonna make an actual, concrete prediction that you can all return to later and quote me on when it comes true.

There will be wheels. Plural. The newly updated ride will have wheels.

And bearings.

Who needs wheels? That sounds like a new record for CP to shoot for. 1st maglev or hovercraft based ride. Could you even call it a rollercoaster at that point?

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You got a source for that, Josh?


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My prediction: Dragster is getting reimagined into a new experience for 2024. I have a really good inside source on this one.

argues just for clicks

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