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Wasn't there a reference to drainage work being done around Dragster in ElToroRyan's video? Maybe it is related to that?

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Hawaiian Coasters 325:

Well Tony wouldn't say even if it was related to Top Thrill

Can you provide a single example of Tony or anyone else flat out lying about something like this?


In fairness, the comment in the article about ID track removal not being related to TTD was not a direct quote.

It was the reporter's summarization of his interpretation of what Tony said.

The only direct quote was that FF area will not be used for TTD, and that there were other reasons for the ID track removal.

Doesn't necessarily mean that those other reasons are the only reasons.

I'm not saying this is likely, I'm just saying that unless i missed something, I don't see any direct quote from Tony that definitively rules out the spike, or that rules out some TTD work being done in that area while they are doing whatever to the Lagoon.

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Tony was directly quoted saying the track removal was to facilitate "maintenance work". Now, is it possible that Tony is straight up lying? Perhaps, but I cannot recall the park taking that tack in the past. Their typical response is to not comment or at most make a vague comment along the lines of "we don't comment on future attractions" or whatever.


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Correct. The most recent example of this I remember was with Wicked Twister before its removal was announced.

"I’ve been tweeting images and videos of our rides coming back to life for the season and I just happened to see Wicked Twister testing on Saturday, so I grabbed some video and posted it with a fun note about the weekend," Clark tells 3News in an e-mail. "We love that people are passionate about our park (and, as we see, some of our attractions). It’s all in good fun…something we all need right now!"

But since he didn't really address the rumors of Wicked Twister's removal, we pushed a bit further by asking him this follow-up question: "Does that mean the ride is staying?"
His reply: "Cedar Point doesn’t comment on rumors or speculation."

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His direct quote

"We are performing some maintenance work in and around the lagoon below Iron Dragon, so track sections had to be removed for equipment."

I see no direct mention of TTD in that quote.

Furthermore, if there were more to it than just maintenance, I wouldn't say Tony lied, there very well be some maintenance needed there, he just isn't revealing the whole story.

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Bernie Bernie:

I read a lot of past comments of people telling others they were crazy and almost stupid to think a spike was even possible.

No, you read comments that indicated that there was absolutely no observable evidence that it was likely. Even now, there are a lot of dreams and wishes, but nothing even leaning toward a thing.

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I agree that with the wording, it wouldn't be an outright lie. It could be an omission in that coincidently two things are true about the removal of IDs track and they only revealed one of things. He never ruled out the possibility of it also being done for other reasons. Either way, we're still not any closer to knowing anything except Bernie Bernie is probably not long for this forum.

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I actually had inside knowledge that it was about regular maintenance on the river but I was just sitting tight until this moment. Pranked you guys so hard.

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Yes, not at all saying Tony is lying.

I'm saying he could be speaking one truth while omitting another, and that the reporter could've taken too big a leap in connecting the dots between what was actually said and how he interpreted it.

Again, not clinging to the spike theory, just saying I don't think the article rules it out completely upon close examination.

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It's like trying to find a needle in a haystack, except the needle is actually a spike and the haystack is Tony's statement.

Sit tight fellas ;)

I thought the needle was the Gatekeeper keyhole #THREADTHENEEDLE

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Pouring footers for a future project could qualify as maintenance.

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I’m on team spike all the way but DJ brings up some good points. The removal of ID could be for anything. Could be to help with drainage. I don’t find Tony’s comments to the silver bullet tho. Tony has bent the truth for the sake of a good surprise. That’s his job.

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I agree that with the wording, it wouldn't be an outright lie. It could be an omission...


I'm saying he could be speaking one truth while omitting another...

Can either of you point to an example of the park being this misleading in the past? I can't recall one. Meanwhile, there are many examples of the park responding in the way Aaronosmer points out when asked about future attractions.


Pouring footers for a future project could qualify as maintenance.

Only if we change the definition of "maintenance".


All that aside, the main thing that keeps me curious is that the removed track is directly in line with the path of TTD’s launch track. I mean, it looks perfectly placed- if not for the track of the spike, then supports that would hold a spike up. The timeline seems about right to pour footers then get ID’s track back in place by late spring if not before. On the other hand, I always believe any info put out by the park and if they say it has nothing to do with TTD then ok. I’ll just have to think of it as a weird coincidence. Maybe the weirdest coincidence.

^Exactly where I net out as well. I was there Saturday, and it really is suspiciously right in line where you could reasonably assume it's related. If it was pretty much any other place on ID, I wouldn't question it whatsoever.

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Agreed on all that. But that location is also somewhat unique relative to the lagoon, in that it's a piece of land that sort of juts out into it, which may provide access to... whatever.

Or it could be maintenance to infrastructure that's related to TTD, and perhaps Tony was being coy in his quoted response, and the article incorrectly extrapolated the "not related" bit from there. But I would be surprised if they're pouring footers for a spike given what Tony was quoted as saying.


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I guess my question is how is what they doing to the river (pond, what is the best language). "Regular Maintenance". My brain interprets regular as routine. Do they routinely and regularly maintain the lagoon every off-season? If so why haven't we noticed them taking out this same section of ID in the past (Past winter chill-outs).

I agree that they could be doing maintenance on the lagoon that is also connected to this project. It would make sense to emphasize one truth over the other.

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Team Spike here:

Closed topic.

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