Things you've seen people lose on rides

I took several pair of cargo shorts to a local seamstress and had her see zippers on the cargo pockets. Cost me $25 for 3 pair. Unfortunately the fabric is so worn that I had issues with the shorts tearing while riding coasters during CoasterMania. I got off Valravn and realized I had a huge tear down the right butt cheek of my shorts. Happened to a second pair later in the day.


I am glad to know I am not the only one that happens to. Every pair of cargo shorts I buy for amusement parks eventually gets the giant tear in the butt. Usually in the middle of a park day.

^ Not to sound gross, but maybe that could be caused from farting. Lol

I usually get holes right between the legs after awhile. And now all zipped cargo shorts are so light.

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Shawn Meyer- I have a third pair that tore down the front of the leg while riding my bicycle. If that had t happened I'd think you were on to something!

I found some awesome rollercoasting cargo shorts at WalMart. Wrangler "Hybrid Performance" or something like that. They are very lightweight, fast drying, and have one zipper pocket that perfectly holds my iPhone 6s Plus (not bragging about the phone, but it gives a good idea of pocket size) and my ID, debit card, season pass, and cash with a rubber band around it. They have worked great at Darien Lake & SeaBreeze, haven't been to Cedar Point with them yet. I just picked up 2 more pair tonight. $16.xx/pair.


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I've been wearing the same pair of Old Navy shorts that I got at Salvation Army for going on 3 years now but I only ever wear them to the park never anywhere else. As a woman I have very few other times when mens cargo shorts are what I need. I think I wore them to an all day city wide garage sale this year but other than that park only ;)

Opening day for Gatekeeper while in line saw someone drop their teeth (dentures I hope!)

Ride on!

I lost a wrist-wearable fitness device on GateKeeper on Friday. Lost and Found had it waiting for me Saturday morning. I got soooooooo lucky.

When I worked the CP & LE Railroad, we would always find hats, sun glasses, and cell phones by the train tracks underneath the millennium force tunnel pretty much every-other day.

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When I worked MaXair, we had a guy lose his prescription titanium glasses. He was so pissed when we came to our booth and found them broken. He claimed they were something like $2,000 or something stupid like that.

Fun times.

I used to be terrified I would lose my keys, especially on a coaster that runs over the water. So now I started to only carry a spare dummy key (no anti-theft, it will only open the doors but not start the car) with me in the park. I lock my keys in the glovebox of the car. That way if I lose my dummy key in the park I can have security/AAA/whoever pop the door locks and I can still get home...

(Copied from another thread on CoasterBuzz)


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I do the exact same thing, Shane. It's absolutely effective and allows me to focus less on what I have with me and more on having a good time.

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This was one of the things I loved about my old Lincoln with the keypad keyless entry. I just locked the keys in the trunk one less thing to put in my pocket.

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My ride threw a woman's hairpiece, sucker went flying from the bunny hill.

Hilarity ensued.

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I use to worry about my key until I started doing this.

I pull out the lining of my pocket and pin the key to it with a safety pin.

I leave the rest of my keys in the car.

Unless the lining is really bad or the safety pin fails, the key isn't going anywhere.

Paisley, that quarter was mine. I spat it out at the top of the Power Tower! The year Raptor opened my shoe flew off. Size 16 nike. It landed in the queue and the nice people passed it back up to the station for me. Waaay back in the day I recall riding Avalanche Run with a friend who insisted in raising his hands despite the lack of airtime. It was good he did as he happened to catch the hat of the guy in the front of the bobsled. Is that where the tradition of hands up on coasters originated?

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Yesterday, I saw someone lose their phone on Rougarou, but they didn't technically "lose" their phone. When we pulled into the final brakes, we could see it on on the metal part between the seats, just laying flat on that piece. I'm surprised it didn't fall off and into the ground or the water. It all depends on where it fell out of their pocket, but they are very lucky.

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When I was waiting in line for Valravn. I looked up and saw Raptor and some idiot had their phone out on the ride and I think they were trying to record it but ended up dropping it. Serves them right.

Magnum-Man said:
I once. Saw a lady loose a purse on dragster and once she realized it on the brake run and she was cussing up a storm. When we got to the unload she started screaming at the crew that they had to close the ride this instant and go get her purse. When the refused and said check back after park close she took off running down the catwalk towards the brake run and once the employees caught her they called security and she had to be escorted out!

This person shouldn't have had her purse on Dragster in the first place, so her fault.

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I had my phone and glasses in my pocket. Both fell out on Rougarou right after the dive loop. I'm really not sure how. But alas, I walked down the exit ramp I saw my phone case smashed in 10 different pieces down in the low zone with my phone approximately 20 feet away. I had to go to back at close to try and have an operator look around (I felt terrible because I know they hate it).My phone was beyond shattered and even bent. Luckily I needed a new one anyway as my camera was broke and it had a crack so I wasn't too upset. But my new prescription glasses were no where to be found and I was about to give up looking. Just as I was walking away, a ride operator came up to me and asked if I was the one that lost the Raybans on the complete other side of the ride.Luckily they were mind and there was only a minor scratch on top of the frames. I was so relieved because I had just gotten them a few days before my trip and they were not cheap! I hadn't lost anything on a ride prior to this. Now I'm extremely cautious and only wear cargos.

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