Things you've seen people lose on rides

As enthusiasts, it's definitely easy to take for granted the notion of emptying your pockets before a ride unless they're either zippered or cargo pockets. At the same time, though, it's hard to not have a little schadenfreude when you see something come flying off a coaster (hopefully not directly at you) especially for as much as the ride ops and common sense warn about loose items.

For on-ride incidences, I've been pelted by loose change on the bunny hops on Magnum, watched a girl nearly lose a clutch purse on Magnum that she somehow brought on before catching it.

Off-ride, last month, while in line for Rougarou, I saw someone's phone fly out of their pocket on the high turnaround at the start, and glitter in the sunlight all the way before it splashed into the lagoon.

I can also remember way back in the late 90's, the fenced off areas under Raptor looking like a hat store exploded.

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I was walking towards the resort entrance between Witch's Wheel and Dinosaurs when a quarter just dropped out of the sky right in front of me. I'm assuming it came from Dragster.

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I was on the Cadillac Cars one time last year, and a phone came flying off from Raptor's Cobra roll, hit the car I was driving, and then fell into the grass.

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I watched a wig fall from Dragster once.

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I was on Dragster when a pair of sunglasses floated up as we crested the hill. It was all in slow motion, floating between the headrests in front of me. They floated and turned for a second, then began to drop towards the ground. As the train caught speed going down the sunglasses flew by my head. It was pretty amazing to watch.

If I remember correctly, did not some one lose an artificial leg on Raptor?

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I once. Saw a lady loose a purse on dragster and once she realized it on the brake run and she was cussing up a storm. When we got to the unload she started screaming at the crew that they had to close the ride this instant and go get her purse. When the refused and said check back after park close she took off running down the catwalk towards the brake run and once the employees caught her they called security and she had to be escorted out!

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Damn near everything that could ever be thrown from a ride.

Hairpieces, phones, glasses, cameras, souvenir cups, you name it

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While working at Geauga Lake I had to retrieve everything from hats, keys and phones to prosthetic legs and dentures. The dentures were the worse as the gentlemen promptly popped them back in without washing them.

My mother has a story about her father on Blue Streak, and going over one of the airtime hills, his cigarette lighter came out of his shirt pocket, floated in front of him for a second, and then he reached out and grabbed it. That was pretty cool.

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I saw someone lose a hat on Magnum once. It flew right over me.

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Once I was on Villain at Geauga Lake, the lady riding in front of me lost her weave/wig and it landed in my lap. Ride ended I picked it up and handed it back to her said "here's your hair back".

This wasn't at Cedar Point, but just a couple weeks ago at Kings Dominion, my dad lost his hat on Woodstock Express. It landed in the lap of the guy behind him, who gave it back to him mid-ride. Also, while we were there a phone whizzed by my head on Intimidator 305. A couple minutes later a ride op went to the transfer track to retrieve it. It definitely would've caused some pain if it hit someone.

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A few weeks ago, a stray phone from either Rougarou or Millennium nearly took my head off

I lost my brand new Coaster mania hat a few weeks ago on Shoot the Rapids; on the first drop. Good Grief!

I was on Magnum and the somebody like phone went flying right next to my head. It was scary for a second then I was thankful it didn't hit me. It went pretty fast too.

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I've seen many a sandal fall off of people's feet on the raptor.

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Their lunch.

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When I was walking, a smart phone flew out of someone's pocket on the final helix of Raptor and landed screen down on the concrete not five feet in front of me. Surprisingly the screen wasn't cracked and once I popped the battery back in it turned right on.

I also saw a pair of keys fall from the top of Dragster. Good times.

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Kevinj said:

Their lunch.

Yeah, that's great isn't it. nothing better than being splattered with someone's vomit. :-(

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When I was a Screamster on Terror Island, back in 2008, I saw numerous things come down from TTD. Keys, phones, cameras, hats, etc. When I also was a test rider on Raptor, a UPS beanie randomly landed on my lap. To this day, I still don't know where it came from.

Of all the things I've lost, I miss my mind the most!

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