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It appears they are removing all of the pavement clear down to Troika or even to Gatekeeper, and across to Dodgem side. Now that is expensive!

Yep, lots of concrete being demolished today. I went back to the concept art for some perspective, the new paths still look kinda patchworky. Wonder how accurate the brownish color/pattern will be to the final product. I'm sure it'll look nice at the ground level.

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I’m sure some of the concrete removal is due to underground electrical work.

It's nighttime so I can't see it on the camera very well. But traditionally if they are doing underground utility work they will often do what the local utilities do: cut a trench in the midway to do the work, then repair it. That's why so many of the midways in the park are all patched up. If they're replacing the whole thing, that's because they want to give the new area a much deserved refresh much like they did when they built Wicked Twister. Which reminds me, I wonder if they will dig up that old Wicked Twister logo in the pavement, or just leave the Calypso sitting on top of it...

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It looked more like a refresh than some electrical work. Massive massive swaths of pavement were removed, right up to rides in some instances.

I just took a look at the webcam and it indeed looks like most of the pavement is removed down to the sand. A brand new surface all along there would be great, and I imagine it will be a look similar to what they did with the Gemini midway. Nice.

There’s also a buzz of activity at Calypso this morning with several workers busy taking up the floor of the platform and laying them on the ground in front of the ride. I reckon they’ll be moved somewhere, probably for a repaint to go with the new theme. It looks like the Tiki Twirl sign is still there and I can’t tell if the perimeter fountain lights are there or not. Mack’s Calypso was one of the flashiest flat rides ever invented and CP’s original ride was no exception. It’s too bad a lot of that was lost or discarded over the years, especially the large circular centerpiece. My hope is that they somehow hung on to the large Calypso sign that was over the pay box and it can be returned as part of the overhaul. That ride came to the park in 1970 and I believe it was purchased used, making it what? At least 52 years old now. There was a time when Calypso rides seemed to be everywhere and now I can think of only three original rides left- CP’s, Holiday World’s Firecracker, and a beautifully restored ride that travels the European fun fairs. HW acquired their’s out of storage somewhere, it was originally LeSourdsville Lake’s ride. It’s not quite as old as CP’s, but close.
I’m glad we’re able to see the progress in the area and the weather has allowed so much to be done. It’s fun to follow.

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Massive massive swaths of

Promoter of fog.

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So, did they leave that one lonely tree that stands in the raised island outside of Dodgem's exit? Hard to tell.

If this has been talked about already, please don't get upset. I have not been on the site for months.

It just seems odd to me that the new pavilion was placed between the giant wheel and the beach therefore

blocking the view of the lake until you get pretty high up on the wheel. It just seems like an odd choice.

Another point is that with the old-is-new nostalgia theme going on there that The Space Spiral would have

fit in very nicely. What a shame. I saw the same ride in Atlantic City on the boardwalk. What a missed


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Very well put. The old Calypso was just as much about its flashiness as it was about the ride. The light package, centerpiece, roofs on the cars, background. That’s what made it a sweet experience

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...blocking the view of the lake until you get pretty high up on the wheel. It just seems like an odd choice.

Our local FEC has a Ferris wheel, and the view in one direction is a diminutive forest of trees that doesn't quite hide the county health department complex to the south, and to the north is a busy boulevard dotted by big box stores and McMansions. And those are the views from the top.

I think it's easy to forget that CP sits on one of the most uniquely picturesque pieces of property anywhere. Yes, the view from the middle of Giant Wheel won't be quite as impressive as it used to be, but it will still be a hell of a lot better than the view from many Ferris wheels. And once you get to the top it'll be as hard to beat as ever. And best of all - you'll still be able to enjoy that middle-of-Giant Wheel view, only now you can do it while sipping a delicious beverage at Grand Pavilion.


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There is plenty of lake view on either side of the new pavilion building. Didn't Space Spiral reach the end of its service life? What's the chances Calypso will have some new lights and props fabricated for a ride refurbishment?


If this has been talked about already, please don't get upset. I have not been on the site for months.

You know you can go back and read all of the topics that have been created and posted in during your absence?

Well I do now.

It also blocks the view of the wheel from the lake. You can try to tell me how good the view will be a bit more than halfway up but it is still a very odd place to put the eatery.

The view of the wheel isn't that great, and they just cancel it when it starts getting good.

Isn't the whole point of a Ferris Wheel to give the best views when you're at the very top?

Yes. I can’t be the only other one who is confused as to why it matters if the view is partially obstructed on only one side when you’re only half way up. If you’ve ever ridden Sorin’ at Disney, you’ll know some of the coolest moments come when you’re coming up on the top of a mountain and then once you’ve crested it, the entire panorama comes into view all at once. I imagine it’ll be a similar perspective when you get to the same elevation as the new building.

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I doubt that the view has changed in any materially significant way. Before this two-story building you had one-story Wicked Twister. It'll take, what, an extra two seconds to get high enough to see over it?

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