Giant Wheel Fun

Impressive aerial video on that page. Gives a new perspective on the pavilion construction and other parts of the park.

edit: they updated the video, when I first saw it it was only the helicopter footage.

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Well where did the park expect people to go after they removed the Snoopy Bounce?

Gemini 100- 6/11/01

At least they didn't have their phone out!

Beer and golf Thursday thru Monday, Cedar Point & beer, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Can you see One-Eyed-Willie from the top of Magnum?

Phones are allowed on giant wheel!!!

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I got engage on Giant Wheel. I guess we've been one-upped.

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Welcome to the 2.75% of a Mile High Club.

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And to think I thought I was the naughty one back in 1973 when we smoked some funny smelling stuff while on Frontier Lift (allegedly).

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Ask former employees if they’d let their children play in the snoopy bounce

New for 2024- Wicked Twister Plus

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I might regret this but what are the employee stories about snoopy bounce in this context?

Still haven't been able to uncross these circuits...
DJ Fischer

I'm going to guess either not dissimilar to why one tends to avoid kiddie wading pools, or something to do with the overnight staff doing some impromptu 'ride inspections'.

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Just a little cake by the ocean.

Maybe this is the reason we don't have a dark ride anymore.

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^ You mean cake by the lake.
And since it fits the "Best Day" theme, no harm, no foul.

Pie in the sky?

I worked at Cedar Point in 2002. My son was born in 2003. You do the math.

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Giant Wheel or Snoopy Bounce?

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Wonder if they got ejacu...I mean ejected from the park?

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Hudson said:

Maybe this is the reason we don't have a dark ride anymore.

You kid - but when I was a younger teen, I had a couple behind me on the Pirate Ride that was messing around. She was - how do I put this in a family friendly way? - On the teal side of Power Tower.

If they had chosen Magnum, at least they’d have protection.

Campfreak06, reborn

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