Steel Vengeance's three amigos

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Dude, that's awesome. I actually did have my own headcannon for all of them.

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Shane Denmark said:

Steel Vengeance: The Flamethrower! The kids love this one!.

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I got some great pics with the gang when they were up front, posing with them, and then got some shots of my own. They were funny and pretty good actors. They were especially intrigued by my phone, Chess asked “Now what’s that little contraption you got there?” And I explained it was a phone. They were clueless and inched closer. I said “It’s also a camera” What? So I took pics, one of Digger’s up-close eye and nose while Chess looked cautiously over his shoulder. “What do you spose is in there?” she asked. I held up my screen and said “You!” And those two jumped back like I was a sorcerer or something. Blackjack just stood guard, casting looks of disapproval. He also advised me to steer clear of Maverick while the other two attempted to block my view. I was their only visitor at the time, so they took a lot of time with me, and got in a little improv rehearsal while they were at it. The CP gals attending them got a good laugh out of it.
I can’t think of a time in history when CP had characters that were actual humans and not large-headed stuffed things. It’s an awesome extra that I hope lasts through public meet and greets throughout the season. And it speaks to the park’s commitment to the storyline, something else we haven’t seen.

I was reading the backstory signs in the SV queue that were posted on Facebook, and I gotta say, CP put way more effort in crafting Frontiertown lore than they needed to. You could basically make a Clint Eastwood movie out of it. I hope that this new Zimmermann era of Cedar Fair will greatly improve theming for their new and current attractions, as this ride seems to suggest.

Could we get a retrograde theming of Maverick to tie into this story-line? I think each train is named on Maverick, so they could be posse of some kind. It would be pretty neat to expand the story into Maverick's queue with "their" point of view.

Heck maybe even get some of the other rides to get in on it. They could promote a #TeamMavrick, #TeamSteelVengance thing as well.

I'm hoping this will occur as part of Maverick's two-year improvement process. As for what it is now, I can't wait to ride it with the theming and tunnel effects working again.

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Maverick should be a station wait now with everyone bogged down in the Steel Vengeance 4 hour que. :D

High Plains Drifer would be a good Eastwood movie to run with a theme on. Though that movie did have a couple of problematic scenes.

It'll be a station wait during Early Entry. However, I guarantee that everyone that goes to SV will go to Maverick next.

And those that can’t bear a wait at Steel Vengeance will go to Maverick. That ride will be busier than ever.

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I know, just wishful thinking. Lol. It will be really interesting to see if Steel Vengeance balances out the crowd flow from front to back of the park. Will nearly everyone head back there first thing or will Gatekeeper and Raptor still have long lines in the morning?

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I bet it will be the "Running of the Bulls" again in the morning as everyone makes a mad dash for Steel Vengeance bypassing Gatekeeper and Raptor.

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That’s an interesting question. No doubt there will be visitors who, as always, jump in line for the first ride they see. Or think it’s savvy to choose GateKeeper, Raptor, or even Valravn because everyone else seems to be charging back to Frontier Town. But it’s a guarantee that there will be plennnnty of folks who will head back to Steel Vengeance because it’s the sensational new ride, and also thinking that the early bird gets the worm. Just like everyone did when Mean Streak and Maverick were new. Keep in mind too that there are quite a few people who will shy away from SV because it looks outside of what they consider to be their limit in rollercoaster riding. (But not enough to make a difference in how long you and I might wait.)

Gotta love this notion that Maverick’s ridership will somehow suffer. I can think of many days when early ride time provided much longer than a station wait, and when 10:15 hits? Forget about it.
What really sucks is when you get back there and the ride is down. Or goes down. We’ve all seen that, too, and it turns into a waste of at least the good part of the hour.

Anyway, it all remains to be seen. Once the horrors of opening weekend(s) have passed the tale will be told. I’m looking forward to weekdays in May when there’s a chance for rain!

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The other insteresting question is which gate is faster to get to SV for morning ERT? Arrive at say 8:30 and take the boardwalk around to the resort entrance, main entrance or possibly Marina?

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The Resort Entrance is by far the closest, obviously.


We will ride SV tonight during passholder preview and again during Coastermania. And during the week after a local rain has cleared out the park. We never worry about long lines. The advantages of living close to the park.

On a normal day, my plan would be to hit up Maverick, Skyhawk, and SV in that order during Early Entry, then run away from Frontiertown until sunset and pray for a manageable wait for a SV night ride.

Ugh, I'm just now realizing the negative effect SV will have on Skyhawk's usually super short wait...

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I should know this but whule Shores is not open in May, would I be able to park there? I figure yes cause I know it could be done in HalloWeekend.

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