Steel Vengeance's three amigos

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Alleged criminals. Didn't the Wanted posters give that away?

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Tell your friend Sara to eat a snickers bar, it's fictional

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Pete said:
Why do so many people get butthurt these days over absolutely nothing of substance?

Because we have computers in our pockets that let us get butthurt over trivial things anonymously on the Internet.

I recall reading that Maverick is a "character" in the SteVen storyline.

I'm a Marxist, of the Groucho sort.

I think I prefer women who are comfortable enough in their own shoes to not take offense over such trivial matters. If they were really trying to be sexist, she would be wanted for prostitution instead.

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Alright good discussion y'all, glad we're almost all on the same page lol.

On a more related note is there any construction going on by queue areas that would imply we'll see some theming there (perhaps based on the stories from the posters)?

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Does Sara own a lot of cats? Id hate to see her reaction of it was 2 male characters and no female. ::rolls eyes::

TTD6262 said:

On a more related note is there any construction going on by queue areas that would imply we'll see some theming there (perhaps based on the stories from the posters)?

Isnt that a better question for the actual SV thread? lol

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RCMAC said:

And to be perfectly honest, I didn't expect I would step into this sausage fest and garner any kind of support.

Isn't it sexist to assume the response here is based on the predominant gender of the forum? :-)


Oh that movie was something else haha.

The irony really is how "Butthurt" many of you just got about this women's opinion coming from a person who is just relaying his experience with a friend. For some reason this topic lights a fire on both sides.

I personally don't care at all but it's people like her voicing her opinion that have helped society become a better place. Are people too sensitive at times? Sure. It's more important to listen and be understanding even if you disagree.

This is truly the darkest timeline.

Wow this really descended into chaos, didn't it?

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RMC streak or bust!

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Maybe to change the topic a little bit, I'd like to propose this simple idea that probably doesn't mean much to the rides at CP, but to analyze the characters that were presented to us during the teaser video. When the characters where introduced, the narrator said something along the lines of these "outlaws" being kick out of the town by Maverick. I think it's a little interesting that since Maverick has been in Frontier Town, the town has lost three rides, White Water Landing, Shoot the Rapids, and now Mean Streak. Could it be that these three characters represent the rides that left Frontier Town "Under Mavericks reign"?

I don't think that there is any more development to this story, other than a plausible story of where these characters came from.

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^ The only question is which character represents which ride...

Blackjack's poster literally mentions the words "Mean Streak". Digger's mentions "illegal practices" and "infringements" (gotta be STR! Sorry Intamin). There was nothing really "unwieldy" or "daring" about WWL though; maybe Chess represents Mean Streak in that case (she likes it rough! :-O) and Blackjack's "destruction of property" alludes to STR...

I hadn't even glanced at the character's alleged "crimes" before but on the face of it, "being non compliant" is incredibly vague. It could be anything as trivial as refusing to fetch the Sheriff a coffee or conversely resisting arrest. "Stirring up trouble" conjures many vivid images of westerns. None of the trio is wanted for murder at least, not yet. Does Frontiertown have a Sheriff character as of now?

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A ) Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. And sometimes amusement park characters are just amusement park characters*. For me, assigning these characters as representing now gone rides is, well, over-thinking the thing.

(Also I'm old, and upon reading Shoot the Rapids I thought of the original Shoot the Rapids, on the space where Maverick now stands.)

B ) Kudos to the Ouimet era. I love that the park is introducing proprietary characters, and incorporating Maverick as a character. I'll go out on a limb and say that as CP introduces more themed rides, they'll maintain their theming better than the previous regime did with Dispatch Master Transport.

* I am, for the record, buying into the Internet notion that the Gilligan's Island characters represent the seven deadly sins.

I'm a Marxist, of the Groucho sort.

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Im so mad that wicked twister is being regarded as wicked. All he wants to do is live in peace by the beach. Why do we have to call him wicked?

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Responding to Visionist's post, Digger, Chess, and Blackjack are all meant to be representations of aspects of Steel Vengeance, not defunct Frontierland attractions. To quote the website, Steel Vengeance "[mirrors] Blackjack’s impressive height, Chess’ unconventional and wild personality and Digger’s blazing speed of the draw." Basically the whole "Tallest. Fastest. Wildest" phrase. Also, on the teaser sign they set up in the park, there's a newspaper article that references the closure of Shoot the Rapids.

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I think they represent:

A device for removing or moving earth, like a shovel or backhoe.

A game for two players who move pieces strategically to eliminate the other.

A card game where players attempt to defeat the "house" by having a better hand.

Or maybe they are just characters like noggin implied.

I hope they do a full-length motion picture based on the characters. Or maybe a video game like Red Dead Redemption but based in an alternate old-west-amusement park terrifying universe. Skee Ball Ticket Redemption perhaps...

I am briefly reminded of the character Yogurt in Spaceballs giving his "moichandising" speech...

"Your persiflage does not amuse. " - Ralph (from Around the world in 80 days)

Steel Vengeance: The Flamethrower! The kids love this one!

Although it would’ve been better moichendise for Mean Streak...


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Anybody have any pictures of the three actors from yesterday?

If we build it, they will come.

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