Steel Vengeance "accident"?

Watching Themeparkworldwide's recent visit to Kolmarden and he mentions that he was on a Wildfire train that partially overshot the station (mentioned at approx 16:40). Now I know on old-school Arrows this is possible if you are playing with the dispatch enables, to get a mispark, but this is supposedly newer technology...

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^Wildfire's control system and brakes should be supplied by Vekoma, while SV's controls are IOE and the brakes are... I'm not sure, but they definitely look different than the Velocity Magnetics brakes I see on most RMCs. So the two rides shouldn't have much in common in regards to that.

As for the extra pressure pads, the one directly in front of the exit gate seems to unlock the exit gate (several people who step over or to the side of it seem to have been told to step on it after encountering a locked gate), rather than serving as an extra position.

This is honestly a good idea, seems like it means the gate will need less attention than the manually-locked exit gates on Gatekeeper.

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Speaking of, Gatekeeper now has a magnetic exit gate. I will miss though seeing people stand in front of the gate for 20 seconds until someone clues them in.

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Joe E said:

Speaking of, Gatekeeper now has a magnetic exit gate. I will miss though seeing people stand in front of the gate for 20 seconds until someone clues them in.

So many times I came from a front seat and had to open the gate with people standing there not knowing how to open it.

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Add this to the dumb news stations who don't know anything. They said Steel Vengeance is the worlds tallest roller coaster. LOL. It's not even the tallest at the park. Someone didn't do their research.

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Go easy on the media. We're all human and make mistakes. Only our All Mighty God is Perfect. They just forgot the two words, Hyper and Hybrid. After all Cedar Point is known for breaking world records. What's dumb is the name Steel Vengeance. I emailed PR during early construction of the coaster and suggested the name Mean Vengeance for the simple fact the Mean Streak lead green car that was in the Dead Rides Cemetery wasn't in the grave on it's side nor was it upside down. It was at a 45 degree angle rising up from the grave. If you read the reports when the coaster was previewed on media day reporters used the words Mean Streak was resurrected. So it wasn't dead. Also I think it would have been pretty cool if Cedar Point preserved part of the original name of the coaster the way Six Flags did. Don't get me wrong, Six Flags can't touch Cedar Fair ( Can't Touch This) as MC Hammer said, It's just the Fact I give kudos to Six Flags for keeping part of the original coaster name in their parks. So when the coaster was reborn it wouldn't have come back with a Mean Streak, Oh No, it would be back with Vengeance. MEAN VENGEANCE!!!!!


That’s a tad bit over-thinkish, but ok.

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The one I've heard and like is that it is the world's first hybrid coaster, or Cedar Point's first hybrid coaster. Yet, most people who have ridden it walked right past Gemini on the way there...

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You also have to walk past the Cedar Creek Mine Ride. That was Cedar Point's first hybrid coaster.

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It only makes more since. I liked the way Cedar Point had the lead Mean Streak car rising out of the grave, but also the flashing lights and smoke rising from the grave. It looked like something you'd see in a horror movie. The bad character you'd think is dead but isn't and he or she is back with Vengeance. Mean Streak was that character. :-)


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I always thought it could have been Iron Streak with a train theme (like it was the ridiculously crazy result handiwork of Boneville's rather haphazard rail workers.)

I mean, the trains are kind of locomotive themed, so maybe they read the post where I suggested Iron Streak as a theme? :P

CP has shown themselves to like reusing old and current park characters (theming Ripcord to a long-lost Paddlewheel Excursions character and even SV has many references to Lusty Lil, Shoot the Rapids, and even the petting farm!) so that would have fit into that type of theming.

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Those trains are pretty cool. Still don't know why there's only a 6 car train operation vs 7 car train that Mean Streak had.


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What's this "Mean Streak" you speak of? I only know and care about Steel Vengeance.

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Ellex K. said:

Those trains are pretty cool. Still don't know why there's only a 6 car train operation vs 7 car train that Mean Streak had.

Probably because the longer trains are heavier. There might also be some effect on the forces on the lead and trailing cars that are higher than the designer is comfortable with.

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^My guess is the latter. Notice how SV's drop is only briefly 90 degrees, which is because it doesn't have the stop on top and short trains that Valravn has. A 7-car train could possibly make the 90 degree drop impossible.

Have you guys seen how much the structure shakes around the first inversion? That’s why a six car train is the most it can get.

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No, it's because it would need a flux capacitor.

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I just want to throw the fact out there that every RMC (minus the Raptors) runs with 6 car trains. I highly doubt the ride's design and the existing structure would have made it "impossible" to run a 7 car train.......even though there's no real reason that Steel Vengeance NEEDS 7 car trains.

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Well with one train operation those extra 4 seats would make the queue move 16.67% faster...


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