Steel Vengeance "accident"?

Was anyone there? Seeing everything from light bump to somewhat of a collision?

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I was on the stairs this is what happened. Chess went out and it sounded like it blew a wheel it was rattling and shaking like crazy especially after the MCBR and when it returned it smelt like burnt rubber or burnt plastic. Digger went out and ran the course like normal and on the brake run it had a visible hard stop, the. Slipped through the brake run and collided with chess at maybe 5mph. No one was seriously hurt and ems treated a few for whiplash. About 30 minutes after the accident those of us who were left on the que recived a SV exit pass and we’re led up through the station and our through the employee entrance.

I hate to say it but I can bet these people that claimed whiplash see dollar signs in there eyes. It sounds like it was really nothing but in todays day and age people look for any opportunity they can to use it to their advantage

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Steel vengeance was down for a couple of hours on Monday during the passholder hoedown because of a wheel problem too. Hopefully a solution will be found.

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The wonderful world of litigation.. I bet by Wednesday their mailbox will be full of letters from lawyers

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Probably soon than that. My wife was rear ended on a Friday night after work. We had our first two lawyer letters in Monday’s mail.

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Dispatch Master said:
The wonderful world of litigation.. I bet by Wednesday their mailbox will be full of letters from lawyers

Letters? Maybe the attorneys would be more effective faxing their initial offers and corresponding complaints?

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Some people on Reddit r/rollercoasters are saying SV is testing. So that's an indication that the track probably isn't damaged.

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Heard that from other sources, too. That’s a good thing.

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What is this “faxing” thing you speak of?

Wow.. they have a heightened senses and can smell money i suppose.

Hopefully your wife is ok!

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They are testing. Watching it now. Praying that it opens up today but highly unlikely.

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Some of those lawyers are crazy vultures. I was rear ended several years ago, pretty decent speed while I was stopped. My car was huge and absorbed all the force and we were all fine, not even sore the next morning just inconvenienced and late to a soccer game but since my car was "totaled" financially and there was clear fault I got so many letters and phone calls from lawyers wanting to represent me it was crazy. No injuries, they paid for the car as far as I was concerned it was over and the other guy had a much worse day than I did. His car was hauled away on a flatbed, I drove away and I had been planning to replace the car within the next year anyway so it was hard for me to be too upset.

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I just heard the ride may have reopened?

Did I miss the discussion about greedy lawyers? I was in Frontiertown handing out business cards... Magnum-man, knock on wood, I will need to set up a deposition with you my friend!

Rode Steel Vengence around tonite Opening Day around 9 they ran a train with 2 employees on it. We were eating dinner then slowly walked over as they kept cycling 1 train. Stopped us at the railroad track as Tony, Jason, and security suddenly started showing up. Tony came out with a Megaphone saying “We want you guys to get in a single file line and only a “Limited amount of people will be allowed to ride.” Also anyone Not riding had to stay on the other side of the tracks! So we were like 20 people back we walked in single file line as they counted people and we were in the que line tunnel and on in 30 min from walking over! When we walked off they closed the ride for the night. It may be 1 Train operation tommorrow meaning the line will be super long but they will have All next week to get the bugs out cause they are closed next week! I avoided the morning rush coming in from Michigan and arrived at 6 being a season passholder and wasn’t expecting a ride but we were at the right place at the right time and I thanked Tony and Jason when They let us accross the tracks and Thanked them when we got off! I wasn’t expecting a ride and it really was pure luck. Staying overnight and hoping to ride everything else tmw! We got a Blue Streak, Mine Ride, Steel Vengence, and Millennium Force Ride! The ride was Balls to the wall never letting up and never let me down! Hands up the whole ride! Still in shock as it was Everything I ever wanted in a Rollercoaster! Night ride was awesome! A must ride! But unless you have a season pass wait a few weeks till they get the bugs out! RMC was on hand and I got to shake their hands too! Thank you CP and RMC for creating a masterpiece!!

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Ride reopened at 9:00 P.M., Cedar Point only let a certain number of guests enter the queue due to the fact they were only running 1 train {Chess}.

They did not want the ride to be open till the wee hours of the night. They were counting how many people were going into the queue, I was on the 2nd train out of the station. By the time we got off, they were turning everyone else away.

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I was waiting four hours already when the accident happened. One of the trains was making odd noises, noises that shouldn't be made by the coaster and it was rather concerning...

As for the people I'm just glad they're okay.

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When the tire drive pushes one train into another, that is barely an incident the way I look at things. The trains have bumpers to easily handle the 4mph or 5mph collision. It shouldn't happen but the trains can handle it if it does. No one should be injured by such an event, the ride itself is more forceful then what your body would feel from the minimal impact. More interesting is why the event happened. Was it a programming error? Was it a wiring error? Was it human error aggravated by a programming or wiring error? Did a sensor go bad and the programming didn't handle it correctly? It would be very interesting to find out the root cause.

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