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I'm not so sure about the lost revenue, most people are probably unaware that the ride is running with two instead of three trains and even if they know, they probably don't care and it wouldn't keep them away. The down time where the ride was closed because of the bump was really only about half a day, as long as they advertise that the ride is open I think they will get positive attendance from it.

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I’m not saying they won’t get positive attendance out of it. But I don’t think they’ll get near the bump they planned for. They even planned for 6hr wait times in the queue signage and we haven’t even seen 1/3 of that. The lost revenues on fl+ have to be substantial as well. They took a lot of bad press immediately after the collision, I hope they recover and have a good year though.
The ride is amazing and deserves the hype it had at launch.

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It is amazing that SV's line hasn't been all that long with all the hype it has. Even with just 2 train operation I think they are doing a great job at managing the ride.

What a shame ERT night was canceled, I was quite worried all day looking at the radar and seeing how slow the rain system was moving.

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Well this was going to be my first ERT night, so I guess you can blame the rain on my presence!

We stuck it out until a little after 10:30 when Tony tweeted it was cancelled. Disappointing but what can you do? I was impressed that they waited 40 minutes to try to give it a go. I'd imagine a lot of other parks would have given up at 9:50.

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Just saw a vlog from yesterday that says the MCBR is really grabbing now. I was there on Sunday and it barely grabbed at all. Has anyone been there since who can say whether or not it has changed since the weekend?

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I was also there on Sunday, I didn't notice much grabbing, but I haven't heard anything otherwise. Could you provide a link to the vlog?

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That was hard to watch past 30 seconds. Why do people even do this? Like their opinion matters.

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Seems like a real credible source to be getting your information from. I can't stand him and I only skimmed his video.

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The guy is a moron and I had the unfortunate displeasure of watching the video right after lunch, good thing I have a strong stomach. When it's warm out and the trains are running fast it's going to get trimmed. Enough said.

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JW Addington said:

That was hard to watch past 30 seconds. Why do people even do this? Like their opinion matters.

I only made it 10 seconds in. I can't go back.

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He actually had decent videos on other parks. As annoying as he might be in this one, is there any truth to the trimming being worse now than it was on Sunday? I rode several different times during the day and I never noticed any.

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Do recall that Sunday was significantly worse weather than what is in the video. So, I agree with what Pete said. He also doesn't seem too accurate - there's no physical way that the train is still going 60 MPH by the time it gets up to the brake run (unless they finally installed that launch everyone was talking about). So, while there may be some truth to the statement that the brakes are grabbing the train, I agree with others that he just doesn't seem like the best source (especially if he couldn't form proper, comprehensive thoughts after his 4th ride). Hence why I didn't post a review of the ride immediately after I got off. I just let it sink in, and this guy just seems to be overreacting. Besides, this isn't The Beast's brake shed we're talking about.

Edit: also, one source isn't really enough for me. Probably going to hold judgement until multiple complaints pop up. For now, his is the only one we have.

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^Don't get me started on Mean Streak's sister and what a great ride it could be if it got The Legend treatment...ugh.

I have been to CP 4 times this year and have ridden in several different temperature ranges. I don't believe 2 trains makes the MCBR stronger. But 1 train or 2, I haven't noticed the MCBR grabbing any differently on any rides. I would think that at most, the new systems would sense train speed and if it's running too fast, they would adjust it accordingly. I would think I would have noticed the drop right after the MCBR being less intense due to the brakes. Maybe he rode near the back one time and the front another time.

I rode last Friday (6/8), and got two rides. Both rides the midcourse engaged. I heard it but really couldn't feel any difference. And to be completely honest those two rides were the most intense I've experienced out of my 6 rides I've taken.

Rode this morning and on Sunday. Noticable amount of braking on some rides. No brakes on others. When I was riding during one train ops there was zero brakes on the MCBR. The ride is still the best I've ever ridden either way.

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Skyhawk06 said:
Holy crap. I would like to know what the people on the train were thinking when the train was swaying.

That they were riding a wooden roller coaster? Hey, airliners flap their wings too!

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The trimming is super inconsistent, there is no correlation. All you can do is hope.

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Just like every ride. You don't know if the MCBR will slow you down or not. I think it depends on the speed of the train, if the ride is going too fast, the computer will tell it to engage.

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I rode SV again and the MCBR grabbed a lot. Still tons of airtime, but not the same monster it has been. It definitely ruins a couple elements.

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