Steel Vengeance

djDaemon said:

Or perhaps people simply don't share your (often detestable) opinion.

The name is fine. Unremarkable, sure, but anyone giving more than 0.08 damns about the name has too much free time on their hands, in my opinion.

Thank you for the laugh, I needed one this morning! And I'm sure "detestable" is just your way of saying that I'm willing to state what most people are too P.C. to say themselves. No apologies, it's why I'm a success in life. Kisses!

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Siouxsie said:

As much as I'm looking forward to it, I can't help but wonder if it may not be a little too much for an old person like me, but I guess I will find out.

Dang, I was giving you the benefit of the doubt and just assuming you were an extremely immature kid.

The most dangerous enemy is the one you don't know you have.

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Siouxsie said:

...I'm willing to state what most people are too P.C. to say themselves.

Most people can avoid being "too PC" without being a childish, insulting ass. It's not even a difficult skill to master, so it's surprising a self-appointed "success" would have such trouble with it.


How far in advanced do you think RMC started to actually fab all the track pieces? Seems like a big undertaking especially when they have this coaster and the Hauler transformation all going on at the same time. Also is all the welding on the track parts done by human hands or do they have robotic assistance?

I don't know, maybe I am the only one who thinks about there things? lol

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Paul Florio said:

Also is all the welding on the track parts done by human hands or do they have robotic assistance?

I would imagine that most is done by hand, simply because few, if any, 2 track pieces are identical. Programming a robot takes a rather long time, though I suppose they could automate the process using the CAD data, but that too seems like it would take an awfully long time to setup in a reliable way. And it's costly.


Say, in watching the POV rendering for the hundredth time I noticed that they've left out an important detail. There's no hours and hours worth of dead stop traffic on perimeter road and nobody berating and abusing the traffic control employees on account of it.
I hope that returns for 2018!

It was a rendering to depict a Wed at 12pm. I heard they thought about doing a rendering for as if it was the 4th of July, but that programs decided it would take too long to program all the car traffic in

I guess I should learn to stop taking these POV renderings verbatim. What a knucklehead!


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Siouxsie said:
It reminds me of when a band releases a total crap album (think Depeche Mode)

You have crossed a red line now. Defend yourself!

The name is so Cedar Point. Walks that fine line between cheesy and awesome.

1) Millenium 2) Maverick 3) Vengeance 4) Raptor 5) Magnum

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I hated the name, until I remembered this is the same park with a ride named "millennium force."

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Hey, I hope this is not a TOS violation. If so, I will take my punishment in whatever form it manifests.

I have a smartphone app called Stringr that pays users for requested video footage. Maybe because of my profile being in the Sandusky zip code, I just got a text from them asking if I was able to fulfill a job request they have for footage of the construction progress on Steel Vengeance. Normally, I would do it, but I have a day job and they have a short deadline on the job (three hours) so I cannot fulfill it. My guess is that its for a news broadcast in some distant market and they want fresh up to date video clips of the scene.

From the job description: "An old ride is getting a major facelift. Capture a variety of wide, medium and tight shots of the Cedar Point Amusement Park, signage, and the construction of the Steel Vengeance ride. Hold shots steady with no movement for 10 seconds each. If using a smartphone, hold device horizontally."

Anyway, I just thought some other members who happen to be at the park today might be able to take advantage of it - they are paying $95 for some pretty simple video requests. I have a referral code that would give me and a new user an extra $10 each for using the app, but I am pretty certain that that would violate TOS so I am not going to post that here. Since I will not personally profit from this post even though I could, I hope that makes it okay.

Even if I cannot cash in on this, I hope someone else might be able to. My sincere apologies if I am breaking any rules.

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Scotteh said:
DJ trading an insult for an insult is just as childish.

And you taking the time to lash out against someone on here (for their opinion) while not contributing anything meaningful to the conversation is even more childish. Did D j's past disagreements with you hurt your ego that bad?

-Adam G- The OG Dragster nut

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I thought you were out?

-Adam G- The OG Dragster nut

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I was at the event yesterday and think this will be an excellent addition to the park. I think this is going to have very long lines for a while. I hope this will be a capacity machine. I think this is going to be one of those ride early or skip it rides. But this will have the same number of riders per train as Valravn and that still has 2+ hour waits to this day. This will probably make Maverick's line longer due to it's close proximity. But I know they will try to push for hitting intervals on this. So without a doubt, there will be no loose article bins. This will be a very solid addition to the park and fills a hole in the coaster lineup. I wish I could ride it right now. I want to freeze myself until May. I've never been on an RMC before, but they have a very good track record of making great rides.

Valravn Rides: 24| Steel Vengeance Rides: 27| Dragster Rollbacks: 1

The ride itself will rival Millennium for the best ride in the park, and you'd think it will greatly cut down the wait times for MF and Top Thrill. The theming of the area already has a solid base, and is really the only non-Snoopy part of the park that has a theme in the first place. The branding of the logo and the trains look stellar too.

I get that names sound right after time, but Steel Venegeance sounds like the runner-up to Dominator for the what generic name should we use to rename Batman at Geauga Lake contest from 13 years ago. I could get behind Vengeace.

The name is a bit cheesy, but it makes sense if you think about it. Although when I first heard people leaking the name, I thought it was the gang of 3 coming to avenge the death of Mean Streak, not get revenge on Maverick. But either way, the name makes sense. Hopefully, as construction goes on, the plot will become clearer and better.

CP has never been the Roller Coaster Name Capital of the World. They are, however, the Roller Coaster Capital of the World. And they have a good shot at building a new #1 in the world with Steel Vengeance. This is what we've been waiting for for most of a decade, ever since Texas Giant came out. And now, #TheyreComing.

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