Rougarou teaser video

...but, but, but, what about...heartlining??? and the trains not fitting?? and the track not being the right size?? and the transitions not being correct??

You mean to tell me that the "roller coaster experts" were wrong? Whaaaa?

I'm joking of corse (I don't want to come across as a jerk haha). I'm honestly just glad Cedar Point didn't get rid of such an iconic ride. I can't speak for everyone, but now that the coaster is a floorless, I will be riding it more...and my feet won't feel like bricks.

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Top Thrill 182 said:
Are we sure this is a teaser video? I took this as the announcement video... haha

Full press release here, along with Hotel Breakers info:

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Not that I wasn't expecting it either, but Rougarou is a fascinating choice of name. I'm curious as to why they didn't go with something more mainstream and easily identifiable like "werewolf."

Sorry MIA, no Mantis for you. Maybe in 2016 you'll get some love.

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I hope it's a smooth ride!!

One other thing from the press release, the last great celebrity of note to visit was Eisenhower?

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I really hope they change the paint on ID as well. It's going to look pretty bland with all that red and orange over there. Seems like Rougarou would have different colors.


I do look forward to seeing the improved lighting and other effects, perhaps playing up the bayou feel with some landscaping.

Top Thrill 182 said:

I'm honestly surprised the park is doing this. While floorless trains will likely make the ride much more comfortable (a welcome change for most people on here, I'm sure), I'd imagine the new trains are pretty expensive. Can the park really expect to recoup that investment? I don't see "new trains and paint" being that much of a draw to the GP.

Great move by Matt - this guy really gets it! I don't see it as much of a surprise, most of the clues have been there all summer. Mantis was such a horrible experience for so many people that I'm sure Matt got tired of listening to the GP complaints. I know there are people that "loved" Mantis, but honestly you are in the minority.

Cool stuff. Should make the ride highly popular again.....or finally, depending on who you ask.

Best thing really. Should give a near Maverick style ride with the new trains.

Any word on 3 trains or keeping it at 2?

Did they release a rendering of the trains themselves? Other than what's on the video obviously...

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Probably 2

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Disappointing...maybe shows CP, doesn't have much room left, or they don't care about keeping up with others parks....they'll learn once Six Flags and Disney are the only ones in business.

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Biggest letdown ever.

Awesome news!

I am SO excited the whole "heartline" issue will finally be laid to rest... It was so obvious it would work, yet people just wanted to believe otherwise.

Can't wait for this next year! I really like the layout of Mantis, but it can be difficult to ride due to my height. Floorless trains will be really nice.

The heartline issue is a total non issue. Most B&M inversions and transitions are pretty standard at this point. I am so glad for this awesome news! 3 train op is going to be an obvious way to go because you just have to sit and go!

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I stand corrected, the new on ride videos reveal more of a teal and orange color scheme. I think I like, but that modern looking station building doesn't quite fall into the bayou feel.

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Coaster23 said:
Disappointing...maybe shows CP, doesn't have much room left, or they don't care about keeping up with others parks....they'll learn once Six Flags and Disney are the only ones in business.

Yeah - lost Best Park and now this. CP really sucks now. I'm not going there anymore! :)

Im pretty pumped!

I wonder how much it will change the ride experience. Unfortunately.. I dont think it will be good as Dominator (Hey dorney.. can we trade?!?!?)

I guarantee 3 train operation. Or at least 3 trains altogether. Im also going to say that some if the track will be modified, making the layout longer. I'm so excited for this now! And I'm so happy that it proved some people wrong.

EDIT: NextGen89, Too bad the Dominator you're referring to is at Kings Dominion and not Dorney...

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