Rougarou teaser video

What a random announcement, I love it! Haha


I liked the original Mantis, but I'm sure this will be more comfortable, despite removing the stand-up aspect. I'm also excited to see some trim removal if the rendering is right.

I'm upset there wasn't a teaser tweet 3 weeks ago about this so we could all get worked up about it.

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The new Lakeside Pavilion would definitely allow for a complete transformation of the old pavilion area.

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TwistedWicker77 said:
The link to the CP blog doesn't tell me anything about the layout, other than the picture as the cover photo. I expected different from you DJ, considering you're all about jumping on people when they refer to renderings as the real deal.

did you look at the pov?

A computer generated POV is also a rendering.

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When has an as-built coaster layout been different from the rendering?


I think the reason why Mantis is closing early is because the station has to be redone. At the beginning of the POV for Rougarou, you can see the floor drop and gate open.

Also, I'm finally glad we get a pronunciation key: Roo-Guh-Roo :)

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Red Garter Rob said:
I'm upset there wasn't a teaser tweet 3 weeks ago about this so we could all get worked up about it.

Then so many people would be like this then I bet :P

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I love that Mantis is changing into Rougarou. I love the floorless idea and have missed it since Dominator left Geauga Lake. The only thing I wish was different is that they took out the inclined loop and added a zero g roll. Other than that it looks like its going to be a great "new" ride/experience.

thedevariouseffect: Plus 1,000.

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Rougarou: The Hardest Part Is Saying It.

(I keep saying "Ragu" and thinking of spaghetti.)

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This just in, small group of enthusiast get HUGE ego boost from Rougarou announcement! ;) I'll admit I was skeptical about it, but I am glad they went with the whole werewolf idea/name to coincide with the change.

And I don't know if this has been thrown around but perhaps the early closing is for station construction. I wonder how much of it is actually going to change. It looks exactly the same in the animation but that's never 100% accurate. Personally, a shanty style station would complement the new name and the area really well.

We'll just have to wait and see.

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I'm curious to know when and where this idea actually originated. It's obviously been talked about on PointBuzz for well over a decade. I wonder if it really was something discussed at the park going back that far.

The teaser video seems to reference PointBuzz directly, which is really funny. Although it probably has been discussed other places, this topic has really been debated here for a long, long time.

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Interesting, I just watched the POV front seat ride experience for Cedar Points new floorless roller coaster and got a sense of Deja vu...

That new Rougarou logo is awesome, and the colors of the track and columns are great IMO. After reading the press release I'm wondering what types of lighting and effects they have planned, I'm thinking this could be much, much better than I had thought just a few hours ago prior to the announcement.

The idea of werewolf howl after the train crests the lift hill is a good idea... no clue why - but I really liked that Banshee scream at KI. The lighting around Banshee was also very well done at night, hopefully Rougarou will get some of the same type treatments.

I love the connection with the tag-line, "It Feeds on Screams." Brings the coaster full circle with the fact that Mantis was originally called Banshee- a screaming spirit, and now Rougarou has come to eat it up once and for all!

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I see the POV now, but the link originally took me to a blog post with Rougarou as the cover photo. Weird. But truthfully, I think a floorless experience will really change up the ride experience. I'm really looking forward to it. Also, I'm fairly confident that's not the only news for us regarding 2015. That's all I'm saying...

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We can change the world.

Jeff's boardwalk should be installed any year now.


Wonderful news...and I can't wait to give it a try. Love it!

Where have all of our resident "heartline experts" suddenly gone?

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I don't know if anyone watched the Hotel Breakers video posted today.

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Hey guys, loooong-time lurker, haven't posted in several years.

Anyway, I think that this delivery was awesome. It didn't give us time to lose control of our imaginations again, and given the news, they had obviously already teased us out! I liked that it was such a random surprise (I mean, sort-of surprise). I think anymore "will we or won't we" teasing would've gotten old, fast.

As far as the ride goes, I'm stoked. I've always really liked Mantis' layout, but it hurt so much to ride the first time a decade ago that I never looked back. I'm really excited to get to experience it again without that "OH GOD WHEN WILL IT END" feeling. I was sorta hoping that if it stayed, it would be painted something a bit, though.

I'm coming from Baltimore next month. I might have to give it one more try before it converts.

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The full rendered layout is here (hint, it's not different):

When I did the interview with Matt Ouimet a few years ago, he mentioned that trains from B&M were around a million a piece. I don't remember if that made the video cut or not. I'd be shocked if they didn't get three. Floorless rides are so easy to load quickly, I'm sure they could run three.

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