RMC Streak Photo Update - May 7, 2017

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One of my favorite parts of the original Mean Streak was riding through the dense wood structure, so I'm really happy that RMC is keeping that aspect of the ride. It'll be even more insane too since recent progress is showing the ledgers doing some crazy stuff. Can't wait.

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Echo that my friend!

argues just for clicks

Wow that's an interesting development.

Cedar Point to RMC, "Throw everything but the kitchen sink at this ride". RMC replies "Na we will throw the sink in too".

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New RMC element: InSinkErator

So today they were taking down the drop hill by large sections. I have a picture but cannot figure how to post on here using my phone.


^ I always find an image hosting site like Imgur and upload it there, then link it back here. I hope that's helpful.

I caught this shot on the web cam earlier today. It does appear that there is some removal going on on the main drop. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10203326091988584&set=a.100...=3&theater

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Here is the link to the pic I took.


Cargo Shorts said:
New RMC element: InSinkErator

Doesn't Magnum already have that element?

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I hope somebody wouldn't be that dumb, but we all know how that goes. It is also worth mentioning that CP does in fact have a drone of their own, as it was used to show off Valravn progress, so it could be them, filming another teaser, from above.

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^^That's obviously a UFO.

-Adam G- The OG Dragster nut

Last time someone spotted a drone over the ride we got a teaser.

The drone was apparently the park's doing. Spoiler: it's not a teaser.


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I'm at the park, and we spotted the drone while waiting for the train by the-ride-formerly-known-as-Mean-Streak. My daughter noticed it, actually. Tony C. was back there while the drone flew up and down and around for awhile. It was definitely an "officially sanctioned" drone.

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new rmc mean streak drone footage


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new rmc mean streak drone footage


Ad's sadly kill the joke :( but thank you for that none the less

Can anyone confirm that the ledgers that go under the lift for lap #3 are all in place and if they in fact invert or stall as they pass over the return to station track? The few good pictures of this area taken by CP Rundown seem to suggest this but I am curious for confirmation. Actually this photo from Pursuit of thrills is the best one I have seen showing the beginning of this area. https://www.instagram.com/p/BUbv2QRFlmv/

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looks like an over banked turn

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For the love of Batman, this thing is going to be absolutely insane. RMC just might have their magnum opus on their hands, and CP is going to have a crown jewel where a hardway chiropractic device beloved only by diehards used to be. I wanna ride it right now and it's not even done yet.

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