RMC Streak Photo Update - May 7, 2017

^ 4. Allow access to Perimeter Road for the duration of the season. Look at Valravn's construction and how Perimeter Road was blocked off to make room for the cranes:

Assuming MS2 really will be 200+ feet tall like Valravn, my guess is that they'll have to do the same here. But since guests use that road for access to CP Shores, Breakers, etc., that won't be practical until the 2017-18 offseason.

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5. They are lifting the ledgers through the top of the structure to place them inside of the structure.

CP Rundown posted 2 new photos including a close-up of the ledger under the structure right on ground level. I'm imagining they will put a lot of track inside the structure and progress will slow.

Stumbled across this photo showing off more of the ledgers within the structure going under the lift:


Looks like 2 sets of ledgers....possible helix ending?

That's what I was thinking at first, but looking at it closer, it appears the upper ledgers are to help transfer the load for the supports that have been taken out (think of removing a structural wall in a house and replacing it with a cross-beam), whereas the actual track ledgers are forming the shape of an inversion or overbanked turn.

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^ I think you may be correct. Though, a helix might be cool under there.

How about a Double Helix Finale Tunnel under the structure for the finale finish????

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If there is a helix let's make it reverse banked. If you are already over the limit no point in getting a beer for last call.

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Reverse banked Helix you say?! I think there would be chicken pot pie for EVERYone on the exit ramp.

I would argue with you but I'm willing to compromise and settle for 3 bunny hills...that result in chicken pot pie for only a few people.

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Wait a darn second. Are you saying that this ride is going to have FREE CHICKEN POT PIE!!! Best ride ever?

Now we know the name and theme: Chicken Run!

argues just for clicks

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"They're Coming"

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Deep dish double chrome hubcaps and a trebuchet ending that lands in a net over the water. Plus the ever popular -spin bis dein kopf fliegt aus- maneuver which is always good for distracting from the lunch ejector time portion of the ride. Plus the first coaster to revive the old "SenSurround" system from the 1970s so that if your phone rings in your pocket at just the right time... woo hoo!


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Have they made it through/underneath the lift hill with those ledgers inside the structure that everyone's been speculating about.

And/or have they made any progress with track laying in the last couple days. Havn't seen any updates since Tuesday...


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PghCSTRfan said:


Voted up for this and this only. ;-)

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Coaster Nerd's Guide on Facebook just posted an aerial shot of RMC Mean Streak's first little hill following the drop. The shot seems to be taken before the first inversion was complete. There is not much space between the bottom of the drop and where the top of the lift will be. This thing is going to be extremely steep.


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Or something we've never seen before.

Though it'll probably just be a really steep drop. ;)

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After that overbank over the brake run, the ledgers seem to go upside down. Probably a low barrel roll like the Joker and Wicked Cyclone. They seem to end right before the former entrance area. Considering the ledgers are so low, they might move the entrance

I got a few pics of that area yesterday, it's hard to tell what's next after the overbank other than it diving down close to the ground. However, it's clearly visible that it will be flying right above the ground and have some epic head choppers as you're going through the structure.

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