RMC Streak Photo Update - May 7, 2017

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This thing is looking absolutely bonkers.

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Front Seat Rider said:

CoasterGuy15 said:

Front Seat Rider said:

Those are great pictures, but for future reference, these elements are now known as epic "Kathy Griffins".

Not funny

My apologies to Kathy Griffin and her loyal fan base.

Lol I by no means am a Kathy Griffin fan, that's why I said that. She thought it was funny, but clearly many people disagree and now her career is over. RIP

Oh, I'd say hardly over. She's run afoul of plenty over the years and still manages to rise to the D list.

Anyway, back to RMC Streak, that straight down drop is everything I've hoped for. It likely will have a very sharp crest, but I've said all along that the ride is going to be a lot taller than any of us thought.

I'm going for a seat in the rear, thank you very much.

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IF it is dueling, and I don't think it is, then the discussion becomes Team 2018 or Team 2019.

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Kathy Griffin had a career to ruin in the first place?

She was here in Columbus in February and packed em in. As usual.

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Dueling appears to be incredibly unlikely based off of what I saw at the park yesterday. However one thing that has not been considered is two separate roller coasters...

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I'm pretty certain it won't duel, however two trains might line up at that point of the track.

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Maybe a new steel coaster that is built around Mean Streak for it to "interact" with? The park still has all of the coming offseason to build a coaster from scratch and many of us have said for a long time now how another coaster in/around Mean Streak would be cool. It would give some reasoning to why they started on Mean Streak when they did, giving plenty of time at the end of this season to start on another project. Pretty far out there of an idea but not that crazy when you think about it.

I think in a recent interview Tony mentioned something special is coming for a key anniversary. It was that one where he said, "It's your opinion that it is a coaster." Maybe this is the first of two or more coasters that share something. They may not open the same year. However my guess is the theming is plural somehow and other projects are separate.

Greetings all... long time lurker on this thread and its predecessor... So this morning I was inspired and so I 'borrowed' the photo from KenP and used a simple paint program to 'connect the dots with the new ledgers on the drop and the existing ledgers and track on the ascent up the hill and came up with this: http://imgur.com/dwX0wtg That hill looks absolutely insane... It is not quite 90 degrees but it is really close!

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This coaster is not an out-n-back, its a twister style so of course theres going to be track side by side in some spots. This is not a dueling coaster. On wicked cyclone theres a couple spots where track is close together.

Still seeking any evidence of the third pass over the entrance area and/or ledgers inside the structure of hills 2 and 3.

Dunno bout that, but I don't know why it wouldn't. I mean , if it's anywhere near the height that bgdrewsif suggests it could go to Cleveland and back.

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Actually Columbus and back would be real convenient.

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I know this is preaching to the proverbial choir, but wow. Just, wow; after seeing this in person, the pictures we have seen really don't do justice to what it looks like up close. I didn't take any myself as there is really nothing new to add that hasn't been posted, but what was most intriguing from driving around Perimeter Road were those elements/track segments that are winding through the structure, some of which look so close to the ground.

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I don't if this was alerted to yet but I noticed that after the overbank over the brake run, it dips down to the ground and goes up into a heartline roll. Cool stuff

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For what it's worth, I got really bored and decided to make some (very crude) doodles of possible profiles for the first hill on my phone, using Ken P's amazing photo as a reference. I thought I'd show off the results of my boredom.

The first one I did involves a massive hill with a single, near-vertical drop. The second is not nearly as tall, but features an Outlaw Run-esque pre-drop right before the main one.

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I sure hope there is a "How'd they do that" feature in our future. I'd love to know how they looked at Mean Streak and then came up with what they are putting together right now.

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jo linn said:

Still seeking any evidence of the third pass over the entrance area and/or ledgers inside the structure of hills 2 and 3.

The problem is, like others have said, pictures just don't do it justice. It is buried in the woodwork, so the pictures just don't show well. The colors are out of whack on this, just trying to make the RMC ledgers show up better. This is part of the pass over the entrance, taken from the train, between the photo booth and MS entrance.

Full image http://imgur.com/a/9IYCD

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