RMC Streak Photo Update - May 7, 2017

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That first hill is insane!

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Just rode my first RMC a few days ago and it was Lighting Rod. I am even more excited about this coaster than I was before which I did not think was possible. I am sure CP management is well aware of the problems LR has had and how bad that is for business so I can only hope Mean Streak does not encounter major problems. So I was wondering how the track record for the other RMC coasters has been. Have any of the other coasters they produced had significant problems or is LR an anomaly?

LR issues seem to have all come from the launch system on the lift hill. As far as I know all the other ones have been good

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kylepark said:

How about ludicrous speed?

me riding New RMC Mean Streak

argues just for clicks

Perpetual Obsession said:

An impressive amount of progress lately:


dang, crazy amount of progress since I was there last week. I think we are going to see A Lot of progress happen in a short amount of time now.

Maybe the course will be completed and testing happening at seasons end that way its good to go as soon as the 2018 season starts?

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Maybe construction is in this year's budget, and things like trains and electrical and other systems are in next year's budget.

interesting theory.

So I have a question. Anyone of pictures of them snaking the larger rail sections into the structure to get to the areas "inside" the coaster framing? Seems like quite the job to get the rails into the tight spots vs just placing them on the outer parts of the course

The only reason that I can think of them finishing this so early is they have a lot more in store for 2018. I think that it is a midway so you don't have to pass over the train tracks. It is basically confirmed that the old entrance is impossible to use since the exit of the barrel roll is maybe a foot off of the ground right through the old entrance. Also RMC hasn't even started on Georgia Cyclone and that has the same dots as mean streak and Hurler did, just in green. Hurler has minimal progress so far. I have a feeling this thing will be done by September or October construction wise. I am pretty sure that Cedar Point's team can install the chain and wiring and brakes since they already have to maintain them. They have worked with many other similar stuff. Nothing that RMC has is new technology, just their own take on current technology.

SV ruins all other rides.

Maybe its not a chain... maybe the Intamin guys where to discus adding their LSM motors to this coaster. Wishful thinking lol

IntaMean Streak?

I think far and away the easiest thing on RMC conversions is the track installation itself which is why progress seems to be flying after several weeks of a seemingly slower pace. All the prep work, cutting wood, adding timber, adding ledgers is the more time consuming part and there's still quite a bit of that at the top of the first hill.

I don't think completion is right around the corner.

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Media day is tomorrow.

Cool! If we went to Coastermania can we get in?!?11!

e x i t english said:

Media day is tomorrow.

its going to be a long 24 hours waiting for this lol

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With all the testing they're going to have to be doing overnight to get the ride running for the 5:20 AM news crews, you aren't kidding


Im guess rmc will finish with the coaster some time in March. They are not responsible for the que and theming, thats all on the park. Sfne had there own maintenance team doing all of the cosmetics for wicked cyclone.

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There is still a great deal of wood to go into the lift if it is indeed going to be that tall. So I'm sure that will take several more weeks

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