Possible new announcement date, 9/11/15.


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R.I.P. Mr. Young. I hope your 2 year contract................Bad joke, so sorry.

Well the cats out of the bag, 9/11/15 is Coaster Appreciation Date, cost of entry $18.00 or a 2016 pass. Wow, would have been perfect night to announce the new ride. I wonder why the park selected 9/9/15 instead ? Does not make sense.

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It makes sense when you consider that, given how much is already known, that it really doesn't matter at all when they announce the few remaining details about Dive Coaster 1.


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So the announcement doesn't get buried in a Friday news cycle when nobody is paying attention.

It's common practice for businesses and government agencies to release bad/unpopular news on Fridays to bury the story.

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New for 2024- Wicked Twister Plus

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What XS said. Announcing mid-week allows time for the news to get plenty of play on local TV news, radio, etc.

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So this is a little interesting. one the roller coaster appreciation day page there is a teaser photo for whats new next year. looks kinda like a crown. Check it out https://www.cedarpoint.com/events/things-to-do/events/Coaster-Appre...t?mobile=0

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King James confirmed!!!11!1!!


Very similar to the crown in the leaked Valravn logo.

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The prongs are spaced a bit differently

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Pretty sure this is a given but I downloaded the image and its named CP2016.jpg The cat's out of the bag Cedar Point!! Now they are just assuring the doubters. We basically know everything about this ride except for a few of the stats and if this monster will be themed or not which I'm assuming we will be told on the 9th.

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New for 2018... RMC Iron Horse!!!

^I noticed that too

I thought I would just leave this here :)


Looks like Valravn will be 230 feet tall, maybe with a higher drop due to the possible tunnel?

Or a bridge dive under of the new Marina Entrance.........


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That is a very long month of February.

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Finally some actual news that isn't pure speculation! I can't wait to see what Cedar Point has in store for us.

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Here's my favorite part: copy and paste the coordinates the FAA site gives (41° 28' 50.00" N, 82° 41' 01.00" W) on Google Maps. :)

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noggin said:
That is a very long month of February.

Leap year?

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At 228 days, it would have to be quite a few leap years.... :-)

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