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^ I grew up going to KI, and worked there for a while too, and the Festhaus was always a stop during our trips as my parents needed a place to relax in a nicely air conditioned space that served food (and beer if i recall correctly) and had entertainment for us kiddos. Since being at CP I haven't taken in any of the live E, but the spaces all seem rather small for the size of the park. This is hopefully something that gets looked at in the next couple of years.

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I don't recall ever seeing Point Pavilion used in any of my visits the last couple seasons since Lakeside opened. I think that space would be better suited for a Festhaus type building or a dark ride.

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I believe that Point Pavilion is used for Zombie High School during HalloWeekends. That is the only time I've ever seen it used these past few years, aside from maybe a couple school field trips.

Nope, not even during HW. Im pretty sure the park uses Picnic Shelter #1 (behind the Coca-Cola Oasis/ old Hurricane Hannah's spot) for Zombie High. Yes a dark ride would be a good spot in the current Point Pavilion! So Cedar Point ....TAER it DoWn!! Hahahaha!

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Point Pavillion had about 2 dozen rentals last year. Zombie High is self-contained, except for the smoking area, which is behind the Jack Aldrich... or along the route to/from the smoking area. Can always tell it is HW from the trails of butts leading out in a radial pattern from the smoking areas.

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Also surprised at the hate for Magnum, one of my favorites. The following is all based on my own opinion and experiences, but I'd be VERY shocked if Magnum's third train left anytime soon. The ride is still very popular, the crew is more than capable of handling the three trains, and the control system for Magnum also was updated a few years ago (uses a similar system to our modern B&M's) that makes running the third train a lot simpler for modern operation standards than older Arrow systems did.

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^It just seems that the uncomfortable stacking (like most Arrows, it wasn't designed for slow guests, although it does that better than Gemini's "stack on the MCBR" method that led to the death of its third trains) and safety release mean that the park might not want to keep the third train, and also I noticed it running 2 a LOT more this year. I sincerely hope they don't kill the third train. It just wouldn't be the same without it, as weird as that sounds. Like Gemini or Iron Dragon, you'd end up with one of two things: slow dispatches because they can be slow without having to move for full capacity, or else an empty station between trains which screams "the ride was designed to use all its trains!"

Iron Dragon's third train was removed because "guests felt rushed", leading to the slow line it has now, so anything can happen. :(

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That’s strange. I haven’t seen Magnum run any trains this year.

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^*This past season.

I have said it several times, but I would LOVE for the park to add an area like this near one of the bigger attractions. Building something like this in Millennium Force's former overflow queue would be a great place, make it space themed.

Having the kids get their energy out while the older kids and parent ride Millennium Force would be a parent's dream.

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DCC said:
Also surprised at the hate for Magnum, one of my favorites. The following is all based on my own opinion and experiences, but I'd be VERY shocked if Magnum's third train left anytime soon. The ride is still very popular, the crew is more than capable of handling the three trains, and the control system for Magnum also was updated a few years ago (uses a similar system to our modern B&M's) that makes running the third train a lot simpler for modern operation standards than older Arrow systems did.

I agree that I don’t believe Magnum’s 3rd train will leave any time soon too. However, the B&M control system has actually slowed down operation since its installation in 2014 (year?). Like I said in response to Wicked Twister in a different thread, if the crew is trained properly, stacking on Magnum should not be an issue.

^Yeah, I believe the new system parked the train very slowly. Although wasn't that somewhat fixed in 2015?

Either way, Magnum is still a people eater, as evidenced by its high ridership despite having a manageable line most of the time.

On another note, I'm honestly concerned about Blue Streak. Yes, it's a classic, but it's hideously rough in certain seats (while most seats are very good, it only takes one bad ride to have somebody start spreading bad news about the ride) and it doesn't usually get a line despite its low capacity (thanks to the excessive restraints.)

From a corporate standpoint, I'm worried it might end up going in the next 20 years or so if the park makes decisions solely based on finances, but I sincerely hope that the park realizes the ride has more value than what the balance sheet shows and continues to keep it running.

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Since Blue Streak is off the National Register of Historic Places, they should just do a GCI retracking to make it smoother. Blue Streak doesn't have the height or speed, but it has the crazy airtime and historical significance to the park, so I would really hate for them to just remove it outright.

^GCI should not do the full work on Blue Streak, lest the abrput airtime become very gradual as seems to happen on every coaster GCI renovates. It's more likely those heavy trains that the ride was not designed for. #BringBackBuzzBars

(Yes, PTC still makes them.)

It just kind of pains me to see Phoenix (another PTC woodie of similar size) be so highly rated with its classic restraints and knowing that CP used to have that experience.

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No, no, no on the Corkscrew. It's a great 'starter' coaster for older kids and it's iconic visual over the midway. Do other corporations retrofit trains for Arrow coaster? Loch Ness at Busch Gardens Williamsburg is another Arrow, and it didn't seem quite as uncomfortable (or maybe I'm forgetting due to the visual impact of the double helix and the riverfront view). That's all it needs are new trains or better restraints.

I vote for a wild mouse where the stadium once stood. Morey's Pier (in Wildwood, NJ) has a seaside Wild Mouse, and although I'm a coaster junkie, I swear I was scared to death that I would be flinged off the mouse and land in the ocean. Plop down the sister to Waldameer's Steel Dragon (a fun wild mouse made by Maurer Sohne) on the boardwalk, and you have a classic waterfront coaster that is fun to ride but does not take up too much space and has plenty of ooh, ahh factor for families on the beach.

Dinos should go. Bring back son of paddleboat (though I know it will never happen) Or, a land of really good flats. I swear I have never been so nauseous as when I disembarked from a good spin on Waldameer's Tilt-A-Whirl.

I would hate for SRF to leave. My brother loves feeding the carps, and it's a fun place to people watch. And, it's a great visual fit for Frontierland.

Families spend a LOT of money at CP....Draw in teenagers and young adults (core demographic, up to age 30) with the visuals and excitement of big coasters. But, most coaster enthusiasts in their 20s (who love big fast rides) eventually become parents. As a business, I would think CF, in order to increase revenue/ridership ever year is balancing enthusiasm of their core demographic with ways to build new core demographic guests...and you build baby enthusiasts with flats and 'stairstep/tweener' (e.g. Mine Ride/Corkscrew) coasters.

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Looking at Knotts in particular, there's a fantastic breadth and depth of attractions, anchored by a very strong theme. There's coasters, including new, thrilling state of the art ones and classic ones like the wild mouse, there's dark rides, and not your ten cent dark rides either. These are full on, Disney rival dark rides we're talking here. There's multiple water rides (or there were), there's even a horse stagecoach.

Knotts is a theme park, as far as I'm concerned. Cedar Point isn't, and doesn't need to be. Frontier Town is approaching theme park levels of, well, theming though, ride by ride. Whilst coasters are definitely Cedar Point's USP for now, the prospect of perhaps reaching a record number of coasters to then focus on dark rides, of Knotts' quality, is enticing. It is doable. Cedar Point has no topography, and has an issue with ground water, so everything would need building from scratch, sinking caissons for artificial mountains of any significant weight.

Costs would be very high, maintenance would be very high, but Cedar Point would become more "complete", like Knotts is now, with lengthy dark rides the whole family can enjoy again and again, which can be updated each year with new animatronics or video, which can pull duty on Halloweekends the way Knotts Scary Farm's dark rides do. There is still Millennium Island with its trees which would make a fantastic walk through themed area once Dinosaurs goes extinct, even despite - or thanks to - a scenic GCI roaring around overhead. A walk through ride like Poseidon's Fury at Islands Of Adventure would be new ground for the chain.

And yes, a Cedar Point dark ride would undoubtedly incorporate a moderate final thrill element. Tradition.

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Dark ride, yasssss. I personally would LOVE it if it were pirate themed- not to compete with a certain OTHER famous pirate themed dark ride, but as a tip of the hat to the old Pirate Ride. The signature howling scream at the end is a must. :P

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I’ve been dreaming of a high quality pirate dark ride coming to Cedar Point!

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They could call it something like. The Pirate Bay.

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Maybe a Peanuts themed pirate dark ride? Fun for all ages.

Above all, dark rides make an all weather park, which is a huge potential growth area.

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If we build it, they will come.

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