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There were features of the last Shoot The Rapids that I loved... wait, no there wasn’t.

New for 2024- Wicked Twister Plus

Does anyone think that Cedar Creek mine ride is in danger of being removed? In the other thread on here, they mention Cedar creek mining company or something like that. Then again, it could be a teaser for ride refurbishment too for 2019. Thoughts?

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^ Hope not! The Mine Ride is the only coaster my non-coaster-riding family members will ride with me.

It doesn’t take up a lot of real-estate and it fits the setting perfectly.
I would like to see it get a makeover thought. Maybe add a few props, update the trains and lower the height requirements.

^^ A lot of people have forgotten that CCMR celebrates its 50th Anniversary next year! It would be like hitting a major milestone like the 25th anniversary of Mean Streak and then totally re-doing it and/or removing it from the park totally. Oh wait... ;)

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Wouldn't surprise me if something at least changes with the ride. Mine Ride needs better restraints.

There is a decent amount of land sitting behind CCMR, which leads me to think either Mine Ride or Snake River will go at some point.

I’ve consistently heard WT is on it’s way out after this season. Now whether it’s for anotjer ride remains to be seen.

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So, while removing a concrete stadium next to Twister, then removing and replacing tons of concrete on a new boardwalk siding up to Twister, all at the same time not removing Twister itself while the very expensive equipment is there to do it (not to mention if they were to remove it they would end up messing up the new boardwalk concrete to move Twister) seems like a giant waste of time, resources and money.

Oh... and it barely takes up any space.

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New for 2024- Wicked Twister Plus

I hate to say it; but I respectfully disagree. I think that WT will be the next to go. Think about it:

The new boardwalk concrete boarders the perimeter fence for the park and WT.

They tore out AWE and the new Fire & Ice Stage didn’t take up the entire plot/area that AWE did.

If WT leaves at the end of this season, there will be lots of land which would be perfect for a couple of family rides, or a new coaster.

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I definitely think Wicked Twister is the next coaster to go. Prime real estate and the novelty seems to have worn off. Would be a great candidate for relocation to another park. I haven't ridden it in years.

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I, personally, would like to see corkscrew, Iron dragon, Rougaru, CCMR, Magnum, and Gemini replaced or SIGNIFICANTLY refurbished. They’re already defunct to me.

I would also like to see the giant wheel (or an even larger model) places in the center’ish area of the park. MF Island? Sure.

Unfortunately, I am inclined to agree about Wicked Twister's demise. It just doesn't seem like it gets the maintenance attention it needs to run consistently. I could see them rehabbing it and sending it to another park where its newness would increase ridership, therefore condoning its high power consumption. I just can't see it having a very good cost per rider number right now. With the stadium gone, I could see them planning for something awesome over there, hopefully an ACTUAL family coaster will be involved.

I will always believe I helped name my #1 favorite coaster... Steel Vengeance. :)

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Looking at MF island, there is a ton of room to build something. There is all of the room around MF. They could fill in more of the lagoon if they wanted since it really serves no purpose anymore. You can't even see it like you used to. I agree with someone's idea to move the Fling to the sports park if they need the room. If they build a station on Frontier Trail, a coaster could leave or return to the station under Snake River Falls. So, that would allow them to keep 2 water rides, especially with these insanely hot summers. If CCMR goes than the antique cars might go, too. So, it would boil down to keeping coaster count up or not. Of the mine train rides out there that I've ridden CCMR is one of the weakest as far as ride and theming go. If they put new trains and tunnels and such, it could make it a little more fun. The trains really are the worst. If they took out CCMR to put in a big coaster, they could put a family Gravity Group coaster across from WT to make up for the loss, assuming they want to keep WT. As far as space goes, WT doesn't take up much room

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I Just saw a picture on facebook announcing the closure of DA.

argues just for clicks

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^Care to share a link? Are you sure it was for Cedar Point?

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No, it was Canada's Wonderland

WT hasn’t really received much love. Especially taking into consideration of its later opening time rather than when the park opens. I would be very sad to see it go. It’s a great ride. I would hope for a relocation if anything. However, it holds a record still, so I don’t know. I would just expect to see markings around the ride in order for this rumor to be true.

As for Dino’s Alive, wasn’t it only contracted for 7 seasons anyway? I see it leaving after this season.

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Augustmueller said:

I, personally, would like to see corkscrew, Iron dragon, Rougaru, CCMR, Magnum, and Gemini replaced or SIGNIFICANTLY refurbished. They’re already defunct to me.

They better not touch Rougarou. I love that ride! In another thread I mentioned how they could improve Rougarou, but let's not remove it. I'll start a riot if they do.

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I’m sorry Shawn, but Rougarou’s ridership numbers are back down to what they were as Mantis, if not worse. I hardly ever see the ride filling it’s trains, let alone having a line of any sort. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s gone in a few years.

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^ Do you think they'll remove it next year then? This blows a ride I enjoy they get rid of. Uuugghh!

It's a high capacity ride across the path from one of the most popular rides in the park. It's getting riders. If they only sent out one train at a time they would have a line for sure. Nothing wrong with short lines because that keeps people moving through the park where they can spend money.

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