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As the years go on new attractions are being built while some are being retired, as a common visitor of CP I feel that anything they will remove will be sad for me no matter what. I would like to know what rides or attractions you think will be gone in the next ten years. For me, it's very hard to say but Dino's is definitely next. And as much as I don't want Witches Wheel or some of the older arrow's, those might just be it.

I think Corkscrew is the next coaster to go. Yes, I know the actual corkscrew is a staple on the midway, but I am confident CP would put a similar element in that place. When you look at an aerial map, CP could get very creative with the space next to Corkscrew (outside the actual park).

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I agree (and hope) Corkscrew is next. There is so much potential for that area of the park. No doubt those changing rooms and laundromats sitting behind Corkscrew for the various CP shows can be moved elsewhere. That would give so much room and open sight lines to the hotel.

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As much as I feel Corkscrew should go it takes up a small space, looks really good, and is a good starter coaster. While there is the space next to it, it isn't a lot.

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Disagree that Corkscrew should be removed any time soon. It's an iconic ride for the park, and as lomg as it meets the numbers the company sets for it, and it doesn't run into the issues that Fascination and Wildcat did (the park had to manufacture replacement parts), why take it out?

Agree that the offstage operations between Corkscrew and Breakers could be moved elsewhere.

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Corkscrew, I hate to love you... but those arrow trains and inverts....

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Well, the writing is already on the wall. With Kings Island bidding adieu to their Dinos, it seems logical that Cedar Point will follow suit. Since 2018 is more or less set, I would be surprised to see anything other than our prehistoric friends leaving, as the park will then have two plots of land on which to add something to the lineup; the area cleared up with Dinosaurs Alive exiting as well as the previously vacated land that Shoot the Rapids stood on.

Love it or hate it, I personally don't see Corkscrew leaving anytime soon. As others have mentioned, it's operating just fine, adds a valuable piece to the coaster lineup, has a very small footprint, and certainly carries historical weight.

If you consider the rides that have left (or been modified) most recently, including Shoot the Rapids, Wildcat, Mantis, Disaster Transport, Mean Streak, and Space Needle...all rather predictable in terms of their malingering/nefarious status at the park.

What attractions currently meet similar criteria?

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All this Corkscrew hate for so little reasoning other than "taer it down!!one!" I've posted a pretty good response numerous times ,also here now ;).

If you look in that thread too, people have posted for it's removal since 2013...and for the same logic too.

It's not going anywhere anytime soon. It has good ridership, it IS a good Coaster (maybe not by Ride Warrior marathon multi coaster club membership carrying people) , but generally speaking it is a great small coaster. I liken it to say a normal parks Wild Mouse. It's nothing spectacularly amazing, but they fill an important spot in the park.

How about just add new rides in new spaces. The park has made some removals here & there but nothing drastic. It has always found a solution to add as much as possible without removals.

If the Corkscrew logic continues, I will have to resort to politely, yet firmly asking you to leave ;)

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I personally am hoping for new trains for Corckscrew.

The last time i rode it i liked the physical experience. by that i mean the rollercoaster layout is good. The inversions are fun, you get good airtime on the one bunny hill. Its a fun ride, the main thing that makes it not enjoyable is the way that you're sitting.

I would be pretty excited if one year they updated the trains and maybe added a few bunny hills at the end.

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^^^I'm with him... A new train that doesn't fold my in half would be great for Corkscrew... It physically hurts trying to get my shoulders that close to my hips, making it hard to enjoy what would otherwise be a perfectly good coaster...

As a parent, I judge roller coasters completely different than I did in my early twenties...

The problem I see with Corkscrew, Mine Ride, Iron Dragon is that YES, they are all milder/trainer coasters for the smaller guests- but they carry inappropriate height requirements. Yes, I understand that its set by the manufacturer and can't be changed, but it would be reason enough to replace the coaster with a more family friendly attraction.

If you travel to Magic Kingdom or Dollywood you will find quality, fun coasters that carry low height requirements. I'd be all for Corkscrew's removal if it meant a ride like Firechaser Express was coming. (a quality coaster experience which carries a 39" height requirement- almost 10 inches lower than Corkscrew).

In the same way, Mine Ride would be a true FAMILY attraction if they got trains like Thunder Mountain at Magic Kingdom and could lower the height requirement.

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thedevariouseffect said:

It's not going anywhere anytime soon. It has good ridership...

Speaking of logic, what are those ridership numbers? And what is the cost/rider? And what is the park's threshold for maximum cost/rider?

It has always found a solution to add as much as possible without removals.

And they have always removed rides that don't meet their internal popularity criteria.

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Oh, I remember the days so well when soooooooo many people on this site said that Mantis would never be converted to a floorless (some said that it could not be converted in fact), and that Disaster Transport would never be torn down because it was a good starter coaster, and that Mean Streak would never be converted to steel tracks, and yes, some even said Wildcat would never be removed because it took up very little space. So, here we have a really old and uncomfortable Arrow coaster in Corkscrew...and I would't exactly call it a starter or mild coaster. It is a thrill coaster that is just outdated. Let's face it, there is nothing mild about is an instant headache for me. Never say never...have we not learned our lesson?

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A ) Guilty as charged. I thought Mantis couldn't be converted ; I read it on the Internet so it had to have been true :-)

B ) And yes, pretty much everything in the park will be removed at some point. What I wouldn't give for a ride on the Cedar Point Cyclone. The park that we know today is very different from the park in the 60s, in the 40s, in the 20s, and certainly in the late 19th century, when the park's attractions were mostly beer gardens and the beach.

C) That said, I still think Corkscrew will be around for a while, for reasons stated above. Too, it takes up a relatively small footprint, isn't very threatening, and remains an iconic visual for the park with the corkscrews over the midway. (Back in the 70s, Carowinds used a photo of the CP Corkscrew to promote its upcoming Arrow looper on a brochure promoting the upcoming season.)

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I find complaints about “uncomfortable” coasters curious. Is it an age issue? Seriously. I’m 61 & grew up when coaster comfort was never even a consideration. Have folks been exposed to too many smooth coasters? I’m 6’2” and 320 lbs. Last month I rode 2 of the coasters where folks complain about the comfort, Corkscrew & Magnum. I LOVED every second of both! Yes, being packed into a seat isn’t like kicking back in my La=Z=Boy, but, it’s only a couple minutes. To me, being beat to death is just part of the whole experience!

I truly am interested in others thoughts.

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I don't find either of those rides rough at all so it's not a smooth/rough issue... I think for Corkscrew it's just down to my physical dimensions... For a guy of my height, I have shorter than average legs, so more of my height is in my torso than average... I've just got too much height torso wise to fit in the restraint well...

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Corkscrew would be awesome if they would remove that piece of padding in the back that digs in between my shoulder blades. If it wasn't for that one piece of padding I could enjoy that ride so much more.

I thought Cedar Point set height requirements for their rides. The manufacture of these rides typically has lower requirements.

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RCT style build a new wood coaster through the corks

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Honestly, I'm feeling a little bit like Frontier Fling may be next. Based on what I've seen over this season (from observed ridership and my personal experience when I've taken the flight), the move inside the park may not have gone as well profit/business-wise as they planned; as evidence of this, I noticed that around the middle of August the price of admission was cut by a large amount (from $20 per flyer like Slingshot to $10 per flyer/$25 for 3 flyers), so I imagine that the ridership was/is probably below expectations. In addition, the impending removal of Dinosaurs Alive (barring any contract renewals) means that a large area of land adjacent to Frontier Fling's site will soon be open, so these two sites could be linked together for something such as a new midway (thus creating a more-or-less midpoint bypass for the gigantic Frontier Trail/Frontiertown/Gemini/Top Thrill Dragster loop). All in all, I see Frontier Fling as being in prime real estate, and it's quite possible that this ride, while being a good temporary use for that site, isn't the best use of that real estate.

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