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Could TTD be the next coaster to go? After the incident last year I already started to prepare for it, and still am because I don't want to be caught off guard like I was with Mean Streak (I argued with my mom that MS wouldn't close for AT LEAST another year, but then a week later the axe video was released and I was heartbroken). If there are plans to close it, I hope they give us a year or two of warning so I can get one last rollback.

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Dragster is worth its maintenance costs in free advertising.

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djDaemon said:

No, what I wrote is what I meant. Because even if the parks' metrics backed up such a decision, my personal opinion would be that it is a mistake.

Exactly. Which is why I always find it interesting that if something is your opinion it is OK. But if it is someone else's opinion it is wrong. Part of me thinks that if someone else would have said the exact same thing that you said about SRF, but they said it first, you would have pulled the metrics card on them, because as you are fond of telling people - opinions don't matter, data matters.

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The Arrow Dynamics rides are the ones to keep an eye on. Sure, CP will try to maintain Gemini and Magnum for as long as possible. I hope they also maintain Mine Ride for a long time.

But then there's Snake River and Corkscrew... The low ridership is not helping Snake River / Cork, and Corkscrew is very uncomfortable. I would love to see Snake River stay, but still I see these two going before any other Arrows in the park.

TTD won't being going for a LONG time. We correctly predicted Mean Streak would go because RMC got on the scene around 2012 and everybody instantly fell in love with them. Overall, there hasn't been much improvements to strata coasters or launch coasters in general, so I wouldn't hold your breath on its closure anytime soon.

I'm not going to bet on this happening, but a dream of mine would be a B&M remake of Magnum. Just tear down the coaster and have B&M build it from the ground-up with a similar, if not exact, layout. Fixes the awkward track profiling and stupid restraints while capitalizing on Magnum's airtime. But that might seem a bit too much work and money for the park to invest in, especially for a ride that isn't necessarily suffering from ridership, unlike a certain Arrow Looper I know.

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The "awkward" track profile is exactly what makes Magnum the great ride it is. There is nothing about a Magnum rebuild by B&M that is appealing to me, Magnum should stay original and true to what it is.

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I agree. All this Magnum rebuild is just crazy talk.

Next to go? Point Pavilion behind the Jack Aldrich Theater. It's an eyesore as it appears from the Raptor queue and something like Lakeside Pavilion or a Harmony Hall would look a hell of alot better there.

Also, maybe the Antique Cars over in FT? Duplicate ride whose themeing doesn't fit the area and space could be put to better use, just my opinion.

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Also agree: don't touch Magnum (or Gemini).

If Antique Cars go, they should be relocated to Kings Island. I just hope CP would keep the Cadillac Cars.

I agree that Point Pavilion needs some sort of upgrade (calling it an eyesore when going up Raptor's lift hill is an understatement), but I don't want to see Antique Cars go. Yeah, it's a duplicate ride, but it feels nicer to ride in the comfortable shade of Frontiertown than it does to ride Cadillac Cars on the Main Midway next to two giant coasters (not that Raptor nor Valravn are ugly to look at, but driving those old cars begs a natural atmosphere).

Besides, Frontiertown is now so inflated with awesome rides that giving it any more would be cruel to the rest of the park :P

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Wasn’t Magnum the 3rd highest in ridership for 2017? I don’t think we have to worry about it.

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What do you guys like so much about magnum? Always uncomfortable for me!

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It's fun and I like the ejector air.


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It's unconventional fun. It's not smooth like a B&M, but that just adds to the experience. It's chaotic, and pure fun every time. Especially those trimless rides. I say this all the time to my friends, but man. That thing hurts so good.

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Yeah, Magnum is generally fine as is. I just hope they don't axe the third train.

Protip if you think it bashes your thighs too much - tightening your seatbelt may help quite a lot with that.

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It is exactly the more violent airtime on Magnum that I think makes it great. It's not rough or uncomfortable to me, it's just fun and intense with an out of control feeling.

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I like the violent airtime on Magnum, but I can't marathon it on dead days. It just gets to my thighs after a while, so I just one and done it every time I go. It's sad too because it has a really strong hypercoaster layout for being the first one.

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Magnum should get new seats, like Maverick did.

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Not everything needs to be smooth. I love Magnum as much now as when it was new maybe even more.

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I definitely agree that Point Pavilion needs to go. Lakeside Pavilion is amazing with the views of the lake which makes Point Pavilion obsolete. Cedar Point needs a high capacity indoor dining/show facility like Festaus at Kings Island or Harmony Hall. If Cedar Point is ever entertaining the idea of Winterfest, this type of a facility would need to be available.

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