maXair Structure on site

With a new week Cedar Point has updated there website with 5 new pictures from Today January 18th, 2005 heres the link....

sweet...jeff was right this thing will go up in practicaly no time at all!

Cool. For some reason, some of the ride looks like it colored different...

Colored different than what?


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The rendering Im geussing.

Well the rendering isn't correct on every detail, and none of them ever will be. It's just to get the general idea across.

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How long do you guys think were lookin at untill this thing is up, not wired but just up, a week?

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Well seeing as how none of the ring appears in any of those photos, no (to say nothing of the fact that those foundations haven't even been completely poured yet).

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I was thinking that from the first anchoring of the legs into the ground, probably 2-3 days. But it will probably be a week or two before that happens. As Jeff said, they still have to pour the foundations, not to mention letting the cement cure.

As for colors, they look about right. The legs are blue and the yellow beams are the spokes of the wheel. Just like the rendering.

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What about those things that are turquoise and orange (in the bubble wrap) they look the the seats, I'm not sure if I really like the turquoise colour, but I guess they won't be seen that much if that is what they are. Other than that I love the colour scheme, can't wait until they post pictures of it assembled.

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those are the harness for the seats not the actual seats. The turquoise will most likely covered by the seat.

Looking pretty good! Althought I must admit when I first looked at the pics I immediately thought of Meteor of Dorney Park (colorwise at least). I like the whole blue-orange-yellow mix, but I think Cedar Fair should get away from those colors constantly coming up in rides. I mean we have Talon, Meteor, Riptide, maXair. I just think they should try getting outside of their like 6 color range. Has there ever been a purple Cedar Fair ride?

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I love the weekly updates on PointBuzz of MaxAir. :)

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Kind of along the lines of what said, I like how all of the Cedar Fair parks are very unique as opposed to Paramount Parks which have some of the same roller coasters and rides at all of the parks. I realize that lots of their rides are based on Paramount movies, but even some of their flat rides have the same names.

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asied fromMeteor and Talon, those rides you listed are all in different parks. Although it looks like they are being repetitive as a company, it doesn't matter to the GP. I mean, why should you care if they are giving the same colors to completely different types of rides in different parks? At least CP didn't have it painted red and yellow/orange and have it located by Iron Dragon and Dragster.

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Vince982 let's not forget all of those Geauga Lake coasters that were renamed after other Cedar Fair rides.

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Nolife says "Has there ever been a purple Cedar Fair ride?"

Yeah and last time I checked, Mantis was pretty much purple.

Let's not forget Wildcat either. Purple and green last time I checked.

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So what about the paint job, La Revoltion or however it is spelled at KBF is also the same color. The colors look nice together and it adds appeal to the park and that section of the park. I'm one of the only people on this board who really likes Iron Dragon's paintjob along with WildCat.

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Gomez, I too really like the paint jobs on Iron Dragon and WildCat. They both stand out and add a nice touch of colour to the park.

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