King James Announcement 9/16

Anybody have any info on how the news will be released Tuesday at 11? Youtube, press-release, other?

“We haven’t really determined to what degree we would do it,” Mr. Edwards said. “It could be just a fun weekend renaming, or rename a coaster for the season, or perhaps at the end of the year, rename one permanently,” he said.

For all we know they might just make a day or weekend out of it and put up some temporary theming. Maybe they'll add a hoop to the dragster, decorate the stands like basketball bleachers, and call it "King James" for a day since it's the tallest coaster in the park.

Or they could permanently rename Mean Streak in conjunction with some planned improvements. Remember Tony's tweet about "you ought to ride this, just sayin"? Might have been a clue.

Yes , that quote gets more at the 'hey lets schmooze and write it off sort of angle'.

I say the Dragster idea is likely... for the remaining of the season. I don't see Lebron folks allowing the name to be used on an unpopular ride (Mean Streak). Traditionally the ride doesn't have the best reputation. If they're going to do it, they might as well pick a ride that's noteworthy. I wouldn't want my name on Mean Streak....

I still doubt it has to do with Mantis as I feel it takes away from the hype built around its closing.

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They're probably just going to name Mantis the King James name until it closes for the season.

I don't think Lebron's people care at all about this.

^^Sorry, but no CPBoy77. They announced Mantis would be closing and just recently put up a "Take the last stand" sign above the logo (similar to the art on the website). Why go through that trouble only to have to change the sign to a different name the next weekend? (For only a few more weeks may I add). Just doesn't sound very productive with everything else that has been done.

Bigger and Better? Something has to be changing!

Therman said:
Im sorry but you all are wrong
1. The coaster is not going to be called King James.
2. If Mantis stays i bet the coaster will not be green.

Now if I only were to know everything like you do... I'd be uber cool...

I would be disappointed if they renamed Mantis to King James considering it closes in a month. I feel like that would upset people who want to get their last rides in on it. I feel like it would ruin any nostalgia

StealthPirate07 said:[/

I know its a hated ride by a lot.

Hated? Did you learn this via some anecdotal information, or did some finally realize that Mantis is a pile o crap?

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I believe if the rename any coaster it will be one of LeBrons charities as yhe name In Cheech's words, "George Harrison and those guys were in the next studio recording, and so Lou (Adler) just ran over there and played (it for him). They made up the track right on the spot." "That was a wild session," Lou Adler recalls. "I probably called Carole (King) and told her to come down, but with Harrison and (Klaus) Voorman- I didn't call and say come in and play. Everyone happened to be in the A&M studios at that particular time, doing different projects. It was spilling out of the studio into the corridors." Other members of the ad-hoc all-stars included Nicky Hopkins (piano), Tom Scott (sax), Billy Preston (organ), Jimmy Karstein (drums) and Jim Keltner (percussion).

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thedevariouseffect thanks for the laugh! hilarious.

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Not that it will actually happen, but what if Mean Streak got the RMC treatment and renamed "The Chosen One"? That rolls off the tongue a lot better than "King James".

I doubt this announcement is anything major. It would be plastered on CP's homepage, and there is nothing. I agree that it could just be a Lebron James weekend, and a roller coaster is renamed for the weekend only, with a percentage of the ticket sales going to his charity. I don't see CP paying royalties to Lebron James every year.

But what about the "It's Bigger, It's Better" part?

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Great that it's a charity thing.

Lame that they hyped it up beforehand.

Strike 2, Cedar Point. Strike 2.

Hopefully the next words out of the mouths of their PR team is a real 2015 announcement, or season passes will be cancelled left and right.

They didn't really hype it up at all. They said two things about it in total. Two tweets if I recall correctly

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