Iron Dragon Demolition

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CP&LE being extended is something I've always thought would be a wonderful idea and figure would be too expensive to ever happen (like Disney extending the monorails - terribly expensive, but every year it gets more expensive to do.)

There have been nights when I've been at the back of the park and thought how nice it would be to be able to catch the train up to the front of the park - something I tried to do in the Magic Kingdom but that;s a story for another day.

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I always thought it would be nice to have a train to Breakers. Or even better, to swing by the campground.

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Thinking about it overnight, I can't figure out the logistics of how it could be extended. Maybe to where Turnpike Cars station was, but seems like a waste of space.

If this wild idea comes to fruition, I can see it extending to the front (relatively) easily on one path along the perimeter road towards Blue Streak, but how it would snake its way back is another matter entirely.

While cool to have the train hit the front and have multiple stations around the park, I just can't see this being worthwhile from an ROI standpoint.

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^It could follow its same path back along Blue Streak.

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Is there enough space to turn around? Not sure what kind of turning radius the train has.

Somewhat related, but I wish they had another small entrance to the park located somewhere between Mean Streak and Gemini. They could build a path leading guests over to the Mean Streak entrance and Frontier town station. Imagine if you were staying at Lighthouse point or Sandcastle suites and you were able to take a nice relaxing train ride at the end of the day and then have a (relatively) short walk back to your room / cottage.

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I'll agree with that. I've been thinking lately, that it would be pretty awesome to have an entrance right there by P&D. It would make that area of the resort feel "complete" - knowing that you don't have to go out by Magnum and walk all the way back to where you just came from, basically.

I could see it.

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Although I have no use for the train, I feel like it would serve a lot of the guests to have it extended. I totally support that.

Truthfully? I think that CP should have torn down the Hotel Breakers and erected a Polercoaster instead. The inside of the structure could be a new hotel. The outside the record breaking roller coaster!

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99er said:
^It could follow its same path back along Blue Streak.

I was thinking the same thing with double tracks along side of Blue Streak. There would have to be a large circumference of turn around in the current bus parking area. Interesting to think about.

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They had a hard time staffing qualified engineers last season and only ran one train a lot of the time. Outside of the costs of extending the train, there is operational staffing.

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I'mma just gonna leave this here...

I feel like all of Point Buzz should make one giant train-line and walk around the room...

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I don't see Iron Dragon going anywhere. It's a good beginners coaster. I think they could relocate the entrance over by Dragon's Inn and put a floating bridge across the lagoon up to the station. Then it would be less in the way of Lumnosity.

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Ignoring the rumors of being a maintenance pain (which doesn't seem to have worried the folks at KI, who threw a fresh coat of paint and a new sign on their Arrow suspended... though to be fair, ID is the oldest operating Arrow suspended, I think), I don't get how Luminosity's needs would be the driving force to get rid of ID.

Even if you remove ID, you're still left with a complete mess of a midway, and the only way to make more usable midway space would be to move the Luminosity stage. And if you're going to move the Luminosity stage anyway, why rip out a coaster in the first place? That doesn't make sense to me, but maybe I'm missing something?


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A stage is a whole lot easier to move than a coaster.

From what I can gather, Perimeter Rd. appears to be a private street owned by Cedar Point. Is that correct? If so then they'd certainly have a lot more flexibility if they were to ever put tracks along the street since there is no public right-of-way to contend with. There does appear to be some utilities in that area though and there may be an easement in place which could limit the use of the property.

If they ever tear down the dorms I wonder if they'll straighten out the s-curve and expand the park into that area.

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That is correct, private road owned by CP.

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I'd hate to see ID go. It's not nearly as good as it used to be when it was surrounded by trees back before Mantis and TTD. It was such a fun ride at night back then. Still fun and I hope they keep it running for a long time to come.

I don't buy the "end of useful life" BS they claimed when they tore down the big bad wolf. There are wooden coasters from 80 years ago still running. Even if Arrow is tango uniform, someone can fabricate replacement parts.

I think it just comes down to willingness to incur the trouble and costs of maintenance.

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The costs involved with fabricating replacement parts were contributing factors to the removal of Fascination and Wildcat.

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I have a Big Bad Wolf guide wheel next to my desk, which ran on the last train ever.

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