Forbidden Frontier

What, like TWO sheds?


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I struggle to see how a coaster of any significant real estate could fit in that area and look good at the same time.

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Just Coasting said:

Last summer, he posted on twitter that he was at Kings Island with his family for a vacation day.

Their planning goes out more than 2.5 years...

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MichaelB said:

Their planning goes out more than 2.5 years...

From what I've read it is true that the park's planning goes out more than 2.5 years. But, the actual ride design is just under 2 years start to finish.

Tall and fast not so much upside down...

The only thing I don't like (and its probably the Disney fanboy in me) is the name...

As a Disney guy, I see the words "Adventure" and "Frontier" as two distinct and different themes and the sound of both of them together is like nails on a chalkboard.

Like placing the Fantasyland teacups inside Tommorowland, or the Haunted Mansion inside Animal Kingdom.

The words ADVENTURE, usually depict jungle safari, mythological creatures, pirates, Indiana Jones, dinosaurs etc. while the name FRONTIER denotes miners, caves, runaway trains, coal, gunfights, the old west, goldrush...

Putting the names together is like orange juice and toothpaste... I'd rather see it simply called "Forbidden Frontier" and do away with the "Adventure Island" bit...

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^To that point, maybe Forbidden Frontier is just a "part" of the newly-named Adventure Island. Similar to the park in Florida, where there are multiple sections of different themes, maybe the future of Millennium Island is something similar. Obviously space is a big constraint, but only time will tell.

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Added in 2020;

Experience the Tower of Tomorrow in Fantasy Forest...all in the Forbidden Frontier on Adventure Island.

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^ This guy with the jokes. Never seems to disappoint.

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Since this will be called the Forbidden Frontier, does anyone think the entrance to the island could be moved to the Frontier Trail, like possibly over by the old STR site? And maybe they would make the bridge so that the Paddlewheel boats could make a return. Maybe use something like a draw bridge or an elevated bridge so that the boats can go under it, but they would have to make it ADA compliant so it couldn't have stairs.

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That’s what I’m thinking. Make use of the old STR utility bridge, but somehow have to be ADA compliant.

In the absence of Paddlewheel, which I think we can safely assume will NOT be returning in 2019, the floating bridge can go anywhere. The island can be connected to the Frontier Trail, to Camp Snoopy, to the main midway...anywhere they want. And I imagine they have a whole lot more floating bridge sections where those came from, should they need them.

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^The worlds tallest floating bridge?

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With a tunnel, splashdown, and gold track.

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I think Thabto's question is one of the more interesting things to ponder given the lack of detail as to what we are even talking about. The font used in the "preview" seems to suggest it's a Frontier Land based attraction (sorry, Tilt-a-Whirl), which makes it unlikely the entrance to this place would be where the Dino's entrance was. The interesting aspect of that is what it opens up for future development, given Witches Wheel's departure being adjacent to the now defunct Dino's entry point and the now-abandoned waterfront structure that served as D.A.'s entrance. Lots to play with.

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Given the target audience, it seems that there would be an entrance in Camp Snoopy, and it wouldn't be a stretch, theme-wise. An additional entrance on FT would have the benefit of providing access to a kids' area where one is arguably needed, given FT is about as far as one can get from the existing kids' areas.

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That's actually what I'm picturing; not just one way in and out but multiple for greater access to whatever it is.

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They could connect the monorail to the entrance of forbidden frontier directly from the mainland parking lot.

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As long as it is a T-Rex monorail I am good with that.

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djDaemon said:

Given the target audience...

I'm sorry, how do you know the target audience for something we only know the name of?

Valid point. I think that we can assume, however, that FF will be family focused and oriented and not the biggest tallest fastest longest steepest XYZ.

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