Forbidden Frontier

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New for 2019, Forbidden Frontier on Adventure Island. Dinosaurs Alive is going exctinct! This looks like it could be interesting!

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Halloweekends- Harvest Fear, Tombstone Terror-Tory
Ride Operations- Professor Delbert’s Frontier Fling

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What looks like it could be interesting? We only saw a logo, lol.

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Left with questions indeed. What could this possibly be?

Sacrificing playing video games to ride roller coasters.

We thought the Dinos may be going extinct ....again. But, Forbidden Frontier....just enough to bait us, and we will all be taking the bait!

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Sounds pretty interesting.


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Interesting because it looked like it could be a new themed area, like what CPFanboy said. They posted more about it on their Blog.

1999: First visit
Halloweekends- Harvest Fear, Tombstone Terror-Tory
Ride Operations- Professor Delbert’s Frontier Fling

Sounds like something that would be more suited for the sports force park down the road. But I’m interested to see what the final product is.

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Promoter of fog.

Dark ride? Tucked away on the island?

Ropes course? Ziplines? A new upcharge attraction?

Dare I say...a THEMED LOG FLUME? (please let it be!)

Will definitely be fun to follow along as more details are released.

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“push yourself with physically active challenges that test your resourcefulness and fortitude!”. Ugg I get enough of that mowing the lawn. 🤣

Is this possibly Frontier Town’s version of Knotts Ghost Town Alive?

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Hmmm, pay more to walk around the island and see different things this time? :)

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Sounds like I’m not in the mood to push myself when it’s 88 degrees outside in July. I just want to enjoy the park and relax, not work for my excitement.

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Escape room, but on an island, stuck with your over-achieving friends who think they can solve every problem.

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Stuck on an island with other enthusiasts? No thank you.


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Seems like everyone is getting caught up on this idea that it has to be one attraction or replacement! Very confident this will be a new area of development that has always been much needed on Millenium Island. All the teasers and language in the blog post points to multiple new attractions/rides. Let’s not overlook the significance of the pencil either. Summer 2019, points to this will be a multi season project - possibly ending with the GCI woody taking the vacant STR land extending across the island and towards CCMR. Think this the only first of many teasers to come!

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I'm going to go with:

Escape room.

Maybe a play cle style course for familes.

Maybe a kid's playground.

Or maybe like that one dream I had, they'd get a pool. Okay, that's highly unlikely.

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I wonder if it will be a different take on the Challenge Park concept with multiple up-charge attractions and one traditional major attraction to get people walking into the area. They already have a start on this idea with Frontier Fling being in the vicinity. I'm envisioning them including an aerial adventure climbing structure...maybe something like one of these.

If all the players are the sound of the bell, ROLL EM!

I guess GCI is out of the question.

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