Forbidden Frontier

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PyroKinesis09 said:
I'm sorry, how do you know the target audience for something we only know the name of?

Beyond the description on CP's site, which itself indicates the target audience is families/kids, we also know via official statement that it is "a redevelopment of the island in the middle of Cedar Point that will include immersive, interactive play elements, live characters and other surprises."

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From Jason McClure:

Morning stroll through Adventure Island.


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They just need to keep it in, or close to the MF structure so there is still room for my GCI Hyper Dueling coaster.

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^Sounds painful, but thank you for building a coaster for us. What's the cell phone policy going to be?

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Considering 2 have come close to hitting me on other rides in the past 2 months, they won't even be allowed in my park.

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There will be plenty of room for the GCI once they tear down Gemini.



^Works for me. I'll take a dueling coaster from Gravity Group like Dauling Dragons (not a typo) or one from GCI like Lightning Racer. Tearing down of Gemini may begin after this season ends.

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There 100% would have already been an announcement for last rides on Gemini if they planned on demolishing it after the season ends. They gave warning for last rides on Firehawk, for God’s sake.

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Bracing for the inevitable "But what about Geauga Lake?" comments.

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If not a typo, what does “Dauling” mean?


I believe it is “Dueling” in Engrish.

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Rode MF yesterday and noticed:

-All the dinos seem to be gone, the path isn't all torn up but parts of it might be

-Parts of Shoot the Rapids' remnants in the back half have been removed:

  • Guide rails that were once the first splashdown are gone, leaving just a slightly raised part of the pad there
  • The drive tires and track approaching the former second lift are gone.

So whatever Forbidden Frontier is, they might be preparing to finally demolish the remains of STR, or (less likely, but who knows - we literally know nothing about Forbidden Frontier besides it being a non-upcharge family-friendly addition) reuse the concrete pad and rock wall theming for a new flume in the future, considering those are still up.

Dave- Ah. Interesting. I googled “dauling” and it just kept redirecting to “dueling”.


Surprised no one saw this or posted about it:

Lots of new details; including that the entrance for this new area will be moved to where Frontier Fling is currently.

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They have piqued my interest, I will definitely check this out next season. This article will spark speculation about the old Dino entrance area & Witches Wheel site area since the entrance will be at Frontier Fling. The map mentions Sitnam point, soon to be re-named Uoraguor point.

If the article is correct, then this can become a cut through to other side of the park.

If your at Wave Swinger, it would be quicker for you to get to Top Thrill Dragster or Magnum by cutting through the Forbidden Frontier that is on Adventure Island.

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Except according to the map, there's no longer a bridge at the former Dino Island entrance.

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The map makes it look like the former STR splash pond will be filled back up. Interesting.

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Hopefully Forbidden Frontier will have enough content in it to make it a very poor "cut through". This isn't meant to be another midway, I doubt it will be a "cut through" that can be used as a short cut.

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^ Yeah, I sometimes have desired a cut-thru from Frontier Trail to TTD\Magnum area but upon further thought I don't think they should add one. It would interrupt the whole "circuit" of walking to certain areas. If there was a cut-thru or cut-thru's I think some of the less "popular" areas would not get as many visitors as desired. Train crossing would be needed & staffing for any shops, etc...Besides, the present population needs the exercise.

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