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I saw this on another board somewhere; thought I'd ask it here. What are your favorite sounds of Cedar Point? The loud roar of Mantis? The shrieking of Skyhawk? The loud whistle of Myron H?

I'll start things off: it's a tie between TTD getting ready to launch (PING-ping-ping...........ker-PLOCK-SSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH......) and WT taking off (SKREEEEEEEE!!!)

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Demon Drop

Click Click Click Click Drop
At the very top of the tower.

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that sshhhhhhhhhhh sound after ttd is half way up the tower!

The sound of TTD taking off, with the cable being pulled, with those big rollers winning near the hydrawlic building,such an awesome sound.

Any sound from Magnum.

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My favorite sound from CP doesn't exist anymore. :( When Magnum first opened, the brakes in the area outside of the station made this sorta high pitched "ppchoooo" sound. It was the coolest sound ever. I'm not sure what happened, but its not there anymore. :(

My new favorite sound, like many other people, is the sound of the cable whizzing through the pulleys at the end of TTD's launch. You really can't beat that sound. :)

I love the sound of a TTD launch, but my favorite is the roar of a Raptor train flying by. Every time I hear it I tell whoever is with me that it is my favorite sound. They never seem to care to much but I don't care I love the sound of Raptor.

For me it is a tie between the sound of the TTD launch and the launch on WT.

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Yay TTD and WT launches!! Hopefully Mavie will bring another good one! :) :)


I'd have to go with the TTD launch as well, along with the roar of Mantis, and the music in the MF loading station.

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The Hands Down, the countdown, and the actual hydro release on Dragster just bring it all together for me. As for Twister, I've only actually ever been on 'er once, but that was quite powerful as well.

I say either the cables at the end of TTD during the launch or the screeching of Skyhawk when they apply the brakes :)

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Does anybody else notice that mantis is more quieter than it was back in may, the howel is not as loud, anybody else notice this.

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I'm not sure it's my favorite, but Skyhawk sounds exactly like tripods from the recent War of the Worlds - thats awesome :)


A test ride on TTD all the sounds you hear. The brake run its so peaceful

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I like all the noise the Mean Streak makes, especially when it starts to squeal.

Pity about the ride being slow and boring though.

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After hearing Wicked Twister take off all summer long, I still love hearing it and seeing the faces of the guests as they launch out of the station.

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My favorite sound is when the Corkscrew goes down the first hill and the feed dog releases from the lift chain and you have that ripping sound.

I like the sound the fins on the launch of Dragster make when they go up directly after a launch. Being at the end of the launch area behind the hydraulic building kinda gets annoying with that high pitch whining it makes. I also kinda like the bumping noise DT makes as it's coming through the external parts of the ride.

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Ah yes, two WT sounds I completely forgot about:
The train coming through the brakes at the end of the ride: KAK-KAK-KAK-KAK--KAK----KAK

The sound of the ride coming back up after a shutdown:
Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep! *blower fans start up* Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep!

Some other fav's:
The alarm clock outside my window in the form of Wildcat
The k-k-k-k-k-k-RAP sound of Mantis' trains at the top of the lift
The high-pitched whine of the tires moving a TTD train to launch position
The "SUNDAY! SUNDAY! SUNDAY!" recording

Not to be confused with Twisted Wicker 08 from 2002

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