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I've ridden it several times now, overall happy with it. Main issue seems to be the uptime. I haven't kept any statistics, but I see it closed, or testing often when I'm in the area. Glad that they've added the lights and sound packages.

The seats are much more accommodating that Wicked Twisters were. Always needed help getting the belt attached. Now I just pull down the lap bar and all's good. Wish it had a fast lane, but I understand the reasons it doesn't. Agree the line seems to move quickly. Have to see how well it maintains it's popularity over the coming years.

They were right about each ride being different. as a single rider I get added to another group. So far, this means I get the right side seat. If the group is an adult and kid or 2 (it usually is) and the adult sits next to me, we get a really spinny ride. I've had a couple where nearly the entire ride was constant fast spin to the point where my vision was yellow blur the whole time. Had to hold on to the rails walking out of those. Fortunately it's just dizzyness, don't seem to get nauseous like other spinning rides. I greatly prefer the ride evenly balanced.

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New for 2023:

Completely Uninspired Mini Golf: Sponsored by Lowes

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Dark ride in Coliseum confirmed: Mini Golf Nightmare

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The only reason I would go in there is to take shelter from a storm.

Or, if they had a row of these.

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I just don't understand the appeal of these banal indoor mini golf attractions. You're indoors, so the scenery is nonexistent, little-to-no elevation change, likely no water hazards, etc. It's like they intentionally removed most of what makes mini golf fun.

It also feels like it's several years too late. I feel like I started to see these indoor "courses" show up years ago in other places, same with the mirror mazes. I suppose these are relatively inexpensive ways to squeeze some ROI out of un- or underutilized square footage, but still, these are not exactly inspiring choices.

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This was discussed on a different thread recently, but am I crazy for thinking a pizza buffet-style restaurant in addition to a revamped arcade would be a better fit in that lower section of the Coliseum?

I understand that a ton of work would need to be done, but sandwiched between two kids areas with the Boardwalk right there... I don't know, kinda seems like a perfect fit to utilize that space similar to a Chuck E. Cheese instead of this "mini-golf" thing they're doing.

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That will be super on a hot day.

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Derby Dogs and Stockade were finally open today. Derby dogs looked similar to last year with the addition of the walking tacos, didn't think to look at what toppings were available. Stockade is just desserts now. Popcorn, cotton candy, cookies, rice krispies, funnel cake, taffy, caramel apples, frozen custard, dole softserve, icees and coffee. Nothing for the all season meal plan, but some snacks for the daily one.

I'm liking those options for Stockade - those options were missing in Frontiertown

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We were a little disappointed in the Pavilions new / changed menu offerings. Prior we loved the turkey and pork tenderloin. The pork I thought was absolutely amazing as it was tender, juicy, and flavorful.

The sirloin roast was okay, good flavor but dries out and gets cold quick. Texture was stringy too. I think that kind of roast needs to be thicker and cut to order. Chicken was similar, good flavor but dry and rubbery. The “new” tenders were abysmal, overcooked, dry and devoid of flavor. Small pieces too. Seems like they tried to copy raising canes but failed. The prior tenders at the pavilion were pretty good . Honestly the old frozen GFS type tenders at the employee cafe used to be better.

The potato was disappointing too, boiled and a tad undercooked. Thankfully rice is still on the menu and fantastic.

I’m hoping they do change the menu around a bit now and maybe the pork comes back ,but until then we’re going to stick to farmhouse where the steak, Brussels, biscuit combo is stellar.

Also the Great Lakes stand is back across from MF exit. Best beer in the park. Also when did Red Garter get rid of drafts? There was no pull handles on the taps, so assumed it was just the cans on display.

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Can you elaborate on what you mean by new?

Syracuse Salt Potatoes are boiled, and in all our visits this year have been cooked to perfection. It's an east coast staple. I had no interest in pork, but did experience a new item with honey glazed chicken legs.

Hope the turkey is still there.

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No roasted turkey with pesto anymore unfortunately. It is off the menu along with the pork. The Roast Sirloin and Drumsticks seemed to replace them. The chicken tenders are vastly different also, smaller , different breading, and no seasoning compared to the prior visit. Shrimp was still there in some form, but did not look for the fish.

Was my first time getting the potatoes and there was zero salt to them . They were somewhat hard yet watery at the same time (like a raw potato).

In terms of the main entrees / proteins it was surprising they changed as it seemed to get rave reviews. I’m hoping the idea is they just change the menu every few months to keep it fresh and not complaints about the items. If there were complaints maybe it was a case of the squeaky wheel gets the grease, and they caved to a handful of complaints.

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I like the idea of a menu that rotates, but some heads up would be nice. It sounds like they are keeping a balance of protein options for people who don't eat red meat or might (god forbid) get tired of gourmet chicken tenders.

Sounds like you ran into an unfortunate batch of salt potatoes; those are very difficult to screw up. Step 1) Boil salt water with potatoes for 15 minutes. Step 2) Remove potatoes from salt water. Step 3) Eat potatoes.

My guess is that someone forgot to add enough salt to the water or neglected to let it dissolve before adding the potatoes. Sucks as I thought that was a genius easy and almost universally liked side-dish that goes really well with fish/shrimp.

I hope the fish didn't leave as well. I know it wasn't the "walleye bites" lately but it was still good as of last week.

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I’ve never heard of salt potatoes, but I do know that salty water is crucial to the boiled potatoes I make for my potato salad recipe. Same thing with pasta. A common mistake is trying to add salt to a dish after it’s done- proper salting of the cooking water fixes that. I made parsley buttered baby Yukons for dinner tonight to go with grilled steaks and I was careful to get the salted water right to avoid the gritty crunch of salt grains.
Anyway…, I think I’d expect the Pavilion menu to rotate or change somewhat, especially during this inaugural season. It’s a shame to see some of our favorite dishes dropped from the menu but we don’t 100% know what sells and what sits. Plus, if food service managers are doing their job, they’re paying attention and conforming to supply issues and the cost of groceries these days. It’s got to be quite a balancing act to provide freshly sourced and cooked food (which I think is a welcome trend at several park locations) but also to keep it somewhat affordable and nicely portioned.
And I’d venture that we’re a somewhat unique audience. Well, at least those that are once-a-season guests don’t have a chance to notice.

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Joe E:

Also the Great Lakes stand is back across from MF exit. Best beer in the park. Also when did Red Garter get rid of drafts? There was no pull handles on the taps, so assumed it was just the cans on display.

I'm sure people will probably dislike me for this take, but in the spectrum of craft Breweries, Great Lakes is one of my least favorites. I've tried several different beers from them, and haven't really found one that I genuinely enjoy.

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If you haven’t, try something from Millersburg Brewing Company. Unless something has changed, they usually have it at Melt. Also if they have the tangerine flavored beer, it’s delicious.

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I used to know someone who worked in the Great Lakes office, but I think most of it is just a "they're a local brand" affinity. I never cared for it either, except for the Christmas Ale.

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Yeah I agree. Their Dortmunder is OK but that's the only one I remember even liking at the park.

Their Conways Irish Ale is pretty good. Only available around St Patrick's Day.

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Used to love Great Lakes their standard offering all seem to heavy anymore. I like some of their seasonals, however Hoppin Frog (Akron) is really good if you haven't tried them yet and in C'bus try Hoof Hearted. R'Shea is excellent as well out of Akron....

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