Everything New for 2023

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Here's a look at what's new for 2023 at Cedar Point.


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Here's our photo gallery from yesterday's media preview:


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The signage is really beautiful. I'm assuming they did all the design in house?

We spent the majority of our time at GP and Farmhouse. Both locations seemed fully staffed and ready to go. For those of you that did more than eat or drink (unlike myself), did you notice any areas, rides, eating locations, etc. that seemed extremely low staffed for opening weekend compared to past years? Do you think the approach CP took for hiring during this off season was helpful for ensuring the park was staffed?

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Thanks Walt and Jeff for the awesome coverage of the new Boardwalk area, and for keeping Pointbuzz going.

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TwistedWicker77, from my experience on Sunday I would describe it as on par for a typical opening weekend. I noticed a lot of food stands and drink stands closed, but the high capacity eateries (Grand Pavilion, Farm House, Back Beat Que, etc.) seemed to make up for that. It seemed the places that were open were fully staffed, and that seemed to translate to the rides as well. There were some rides that weren't open at all, but maybe they shifted some people to other rides to get them fully staffed? I would say it was average, but nowhere near as bad as a few years ago where a lot of the flat rides had certain hours of the day they were open, to allow them to rotate crew around to different rides.

Another unannounced cut. The frontier town carp are gone. The sign and food machines were removed and their corner of the lagoon needs 'maintenance'. It's currently full of trash and plant debris. I noticed the missing vending machines in someone's review video and confirmed it myself today.

edit: Looks like I'm partially wrong, at least some of the carp are still swimming around. The trash and missing hardware observations were still correct today though.

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Uh oh. Better check that “cod” over to the Grand Pavilion…

Had it yesterday. Whatever it was it tasted pretty good.

This is completely random, and I don’t think it warrants its own forum post, but I saw two of these motorized mirror spotlights in Millennium Force’s load station today, on the right side, roughly over top of the front row line.

Fairly sure these are new this season, as this one hasn’t had all the control cables connected just yet. (Didn’t grab a picture, but the other spotlight has a bundle of wires coming out of it vs. the single wire here.) Wonder what they could be for? They may have already been there though prior to 2023, I don’t know; don’t usually look at the station ceiling too often, LOL.

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There have been old Technobeam fixtures in the station I'm pretty sure from the start. Not sure they've run in years though.

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Many of the offerings from Cedar Point Nights are now being called Hotel Breakers Beach Club for 2023. No mention of a food event like Lake Erie Luau but it's possible something might turn up later in the summer.

"Thank the Phoenicians!"

And what's better is it seems to be all year as opposed to a few weeks late July/early August.

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Having checked in periodically on the camera, Wild Mouse has been running nonstop recently, and at a seemingly brisk dispatch pace. So it seems whatever issue they were struggling with has been resolved.


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^Having seen it operational most of the time on Thursday and Friday, it seems like they're getting close. However, we did get in line for it twice in those two days, and during both waits it broke down. We left the queue the first time, but the next time it went down as we were sitting in the mouse waiting to dispatch. We waited that one out and eventually did get the credit, but there do still seem to be some kinks to iron out.

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When one is heading to the final brake run another is starting down the first drop. Like clockwork.

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They were actually doing better than that over the weekend, consistently sending out the next train while the previous was still on the elevated switchbacks (or whatever they're called).


I see the new carnival coaster is down again today. Pathetic.

So is your upvote count

Thats probably the best burn ive seen on here on a while! Nice work! 😉

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