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This is why should have monthly and yearly "best post" awards.

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Agree 100% Walt!

Ride On!

08- Arcade Mechanic

For everyone who thought the pavilion would be a great place to watch the 4th fireworks, congrats, you win a chance to spend $140 for a seat. Although looking at the individual prices of everything included, and the limited space available, that's probably not a bad deal.

Looks like the vip beach buffet is back too, still light on details for that one.


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That's actually a pretty good deal. No doubt it will sell out in no time. If it was just the wife and myself I would jump on this. Maybe.

The menu (as listed) sounds quite generic. How is burgers, hot dogs, and chips "chef inspired"?

I would rather have a decent meal that's not all-you-can-eat. You know, something inspired by a chef.


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The menu (as listed) sounds quite generic. How is burgers, hot dogs, and chips "chef inspired"?

No chicken tenders???

Chef inspired chicken tenders would be redundant. ;)

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Chef “Inspired” could be a wide range. I once saw a chef prepare sushi, I was inspired to make this sushi, wanna try it?

First ride; Magnum 1994

What is the gray thing next to where the Scrambler used to be? It looks a monument of some sort.

This thing? I originally thought it was a shop to sell stuff like the light up or bubble toys, but it's been there since before Scrambler moved. Best guess now is electric utilities.

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Actually I believe that's where they store lagoon maintenance tools.


How do they fit the crane in there?

Disassemble it

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It has a deep basement.

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Mom and Dad just got back from their first visit this year and said the boardwalk and grand pavilion were fantastic. My dad said the only bad thing was the flat bread pizza upstairs in the pavilion. I asked what was wrong he said it was sloppy but tasted great! Lol…

Can’t wait to see it myself….

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Best guess now is electric utilities.

Breaker panels for Scrambler and likely that nacho stand too.

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Fish tacos at Chickie and Petes. They're new for 2023 (in fact their whole menu is new).

I didn't take a picture.

But I highly recommend!

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Anything would be an upgrade for the years of crap at that location.

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We usually don't even think about going into that place. But the day was grinding down and the kids wanted the crab fries. That's when I noticed the whole menu was different. Glad we stopped in. This is what we were eating in the Pavilion during the tornado warning.

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Rode Wild Mouse for the first time with my parents today (both are in their late 50s) and my mom could not stop laughing through the entire ride.

To those who said this was the perfect ride for this park and this place in the park, you're 100% right.

The crew was really cranking people through, too. What was supposed to be 45 minutes was really a little over 30.

It's comfortable, smooth, and a ridiculous amount of fun. Cedar Point really hit a home run with it.

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