Designated Smoking Areas

As quoted from the 2007 Rider Safety Guide:

For the comfort of all of our guests, smoking is permitted in designated smoking areas only. These areas are located between the Giant Wheel and Troika, across from the Red Garter Saloon to the right of Panda Express, near the Frontier Town Train Station, and near the Paddlewheel Excursions entrance/base of Top Thrill Dragster. Additional areas are located in our catering pavilions at Point Pavilion and Coral Courtyard.

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Im glad to see CP going this way, I hope it works out good.

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Just a quick question... is Panda Express new this year? I dont remember there being a returaunt by that name last year...

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"Across from the Red Garter Saloon" leads me to believe next to Coyote Cody's and Dastardly Dan's. Perhaps it's replacing one (or both) of them?

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Panda Express is a Chinese chain restaurant isn't it??? Oh yippie, skippie!! More chains taking over Cedar Point. :rolleyes:

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Glad to see they are adding more smoking rules when the ones that already exist are enforced so well.

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^^ That just means they're company owned. Panda Express is all over the US in malls and other locations.

EDIT: It looks like they're modeling CP after Carowinds. Carowinds has a lot of other chains such as Chick-Fil-A, Cinnabon, Panda Express, Country Kitchen (is this the chain or just a coincidence with the same name as a chicken chain), and maybe some others. I couldn't really tell from just the names on their website. Wings could be a chain too for all I know.

On topic though, I'm glad to see the smoking slowly go away. It will be interesting to see if its actually enforced though. *** Edited 3/28/2007 1:08:28 AM UTC by halltd***

Seeing as how they don't really enforce the current rules, I wouldn't get my hopes up.

It's a nice thought though, but sadly an unrealistic one.

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I'd like to see it enforced in the lines if anything. Nothing like being inconvienced by some idiot in line who thinks he/she can smoke around hundreds of other people, of which, some that are within 2 feet from him/her......
In regards to the new PE, I dont mind seeing it coming in. Chinese is definatly something new for CP. I also wouldnt mind a Cinnabon.

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MMMMMMMM.... Cinnabon! Sounds good.

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The smoking policy for 2006 and before was enforced as much as possible. We can only control who enters the ride lines at the proper entrance, once they leave our sight there is not much we can do on the issue. But when and if we see smoking in line the guest is asked to leave the line.

I am very happy that Cedar Point has adapted the new policy for 2007. I know when I am a guest walking around the park the last thing I want to do is walk into a cloud of smoke.

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I smoked for 15 years and never realized how awful it really was and how offensive the odor is until I quit over a year ago.

I am in no way preaching to people to quit smoking, people are going to do it no matter how many die. I'm only asking that the few out there that are completely inconsiderate try using a little bit of self control. The stench is absolutely disgusting and I will ask someone politely to either put it out or go to a designated area. Not that others who have never smoked shouldn't do the same but I feel like I have more liberty to do so since quitting after 15 years.

It's an awful habit and addiction and I would hope the few out there that still practice it would quit. There's a couple on here that smoke who I consider friends and if you're interested in quitting just drop me a line and I'll be happy to help in any way possible.

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Ride on, MrScott!

There needs to be more smoking areas. Four for the entire park? It is a long way between them. It would be much easier for guests if there was a area nearby instead of needing to cross the park to find one.

vvv For the record, I dont smoke. I'm concerned about making the policy acceptable for those who do, so there isn't any conflict. vvv

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Four is plenty. Smoke less. You'll live longer.

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Wasn't gonna be immortal if I didn't.

I've got myself down though to where I'm only smoking at the bar. I can live with that.

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You'll be golden when Michigan decides to ban smoking like Ohio. Its all the rage now!! :)

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Jenny can't do that.

She uses the smoking tax to raise revenue and close budget gaps.

But at the same time she says she hopes the increase will cause more people to quit smoking.

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For those who say CP didn't or doesn't enforce the no smoking in line policy, I'd just like to state that was my pet peeve. Each time I entered a queue line and saw someone smoke, I'd ask them to put it out. If they did it again when i entered the line later, they'd get put in the back. They had their fair warning.

Smoking in line is a HUGE no no. Many others also did their best to enforce this. You either complied/didn't know, or you didn't listen and were asked to leave the line. I can remeber asking a few people to leave a line after I saw them light up AFTER I had already asked them. *** Edited 3/28/2007 4:30:42 AM UTC by cedarpointr0x***

If they want any hope of people accepting the rule there should be more than four locations.

Not that i agree with the policy in the least; or the preachy condescending rhetoric to 'encourage' those who are to stupid to know that their perfectly legal activity is annoying others... oh wait i mean that it's harmful to the smoker's health.

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