CoasterMania 2018

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Shane Denmark said:

Thabto- I’m curious how they matched you up with your lunch ticket? I figured they just handed out 11am tickets till they were gone then started the noon tickets. Same with the cruise tickets.

I was in the noon group to begin with. Probably just checked my cruise ticket to make sure that I'm not BSing them to get a second lunch. I would think that the first group of cruises would get 11AM while the rest get noon.

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TTD 120MPH, are you the Adam G who won the CoasterMania film festival?

Of course he is.
(big fan!....)

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CoasterMania was a great event. Im not sure where some people are coming from trying to compare it to Coasterstock or wanting it to be more like it. For anyone to say that it was lazy or little effort to plan this years event is clearly delusional. Kristie and her team put on a first class event. Clearly, CP management always welcomes good constructive feedback about the park and events. My only suggestion is to have a Freestyle stand open in the general area where ERT is going on.

Other than that, both CoasterMania and Coasterstock are great events that each have unique experiences. No reason that one should try and outdo the other.

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^^Please, no autographs.

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-Adam G- The OG Dragster nut

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Congrats man, loved the car alarm on the stick horse.

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Thanks! It was a blast to make. Glad people found it funny.

-Adam G- The OG Dragster nut

TTD 120mph said:
^^Please, no autographs.

It was decent, but not on par with previous winners imo (including your own cedar flags video which was very clever). This one left me wondering if I missed the point, no pun intended.

Still, glad the film festival is going strong. Always a great part of the CM experience.

I watched it on YouTube when I saw it linked on the Pointbuzz FB page yesterday. I thought it was flippin’ hilarious. Nice work!

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Shane Denmark said:
Heck, another group had T-shirts made quoting all their past gripes and how they had sworn off CoasterMania after last year, yet there they were, back again.

Sounds like a fun group of people to hang out with. Haven’t been to a Coaster Mania in 10 years, and seems I’m not missing much.

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^^^I tried to put subtle reference as well as visual comedy into this years entry. That way, if the references were missed (like the names of the characters, the wanted poster, etc), I would hopefully get enough laughs with the visual stuff (the horse, the blow up Lusty Lil doll, the front of the line ticket, etc).

-Adam G- The OG Dragster nut

I guess that makes sense, and I’m the last to be critical since I lack any videography skills whatsoever. It just left me feeling like I missed the ending, that’s all. Maybe you set the bar too high in years past. The cedar flags video was outstanding.

Mmmm... it seems like you’re the first to be critical.

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Just Coasting said:

They still have a right to free speech, it is the one of the most important rights in the United States.

The First Amendment protects your freedom of speech from being infringed by the government.


So, anyways, the last time I attended Coastermania was in the late 90's due to their being around 1,500 people attending which caused the sole ride opened in the morning for ERT, Raptor, to have the queue completely full. The line for it wasn't even close to that busy during the rest of the day. Fortunately, 3 rides were opened for the evening ERT. Did they say how many people were allowed to attend this year?

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It's been said there were 1200 tickets.

May of been my most enjoyable CM yet.

No complaints here. Our biggest concerns going in were the weather, and the kinds of people we would encounter. The weather played out in our favor- we needed a quick nap, and had to check out from Breaker's Express at noon, so we left at around 10:30 as it began to rain. Got back to the park around 1, and it was smooth sailing from there on out. We didn't go all out on riding because we were running on empty the whole day, but the cruise helped, as well as another quick nap when we checked into our second motel.

Steel Vengeance was as advertised. Only got two rides on it (one during ERT, one at the end of it's day).The second time appeared to be trimless, but both laps were equally wild. If I kept rankings, this one would probably be at the very top.

Probably the best time I've ever had at Cedar Point. Employees were great all day. Crowds were light. Coastermania won't be a yearly thing for me, but I'll be back for another one sooner rather than later.

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