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KI has two exits clearly marked "exit" that are near, but bypass the metal detectors. They're close enough that the staff can keep their eye on em. What I wished for was a no bag/no stroller line. I wound up behind a family that had all that and more and weren't too swift about what was expected of them.
I never thought about the fact that these accidentally ease up the crush at the turnstiles, but they sure do.

But they ease the crush at the entrance by creating a new crush zone. And I fear it's only a matter of time before there is a horrible accident at the marina gate.

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I thought the same thing after seeing the new Magnum gate yesterday. I saw cars speed through that crosswalk and plenty of cars stopping to let people out - creating another traffic issue. On crowded early entry mornings the line will have to cross the street and even if the line leaves a large gap for the road, it only takes one person not paying attention to cause an accident. As for the detectors, I've been on this thread before with my issues with security theater... but it really has turned the marina entrance into an eyesore with the fence going across the pavement, on top of the bottleneck issues I'm expecting to encounter soon. I'm sure it will deter potential threats from brazenly entering the park, but the hotels, lots, lines of guests waiting to get scanned, and restaurants are facing the same type of presumed "threat" as the park itself, yet remain unsecured.

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I'm kind of surprised that on busy days they don't have someone staffed at the crosswalks. They have plenty of people directing traffic in the parking lots, what's a couple more at the gates during morning/evening rush?

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This was a concern I had as soon as I knew they were doing away with the tunnel at the Magnum Gate. With how busy that gate gets and how busy traffic can be leaving the Breakers in the morning, I figured it would create a problem with changing to a crosswalk. It was never as bad at the Marina gate since it really is there to service Marina guests in the morning along with employees coming to work. I can see this becoming a problem real quick along with the need for a Traffic Host.

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Or get one of the sleepy CPPD cops to park their car next to the entrance to keep people aware instead of napping in back lot by P&D.

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99er - I felt the same way when I saw the renderings of new entrance by Magnum. Everyone must have been asleep at the planning meeting for that! Sure, the tunnel is not as pleasurable to look at, but it was the safest.

As for exiting, there is no reason to have to go through metal detectors.

As long as they can be efficient getting people through without hassle, I am fine with them. Of all times I've been through security checkpoints at other parks, it has been pretty much hassle free. I take off fanny pack and open up zipper compartments to have ready for them to peek inside. They look and say thank you and I'm on my way. As long they are courteous about it, fine. I realize they have a job to do and will be respectful of that.

I like how Holiday World had there checkpoint setup last time there. The tables were setup far from entrance. Even after going through entrance. I have been to a couple of parks that had bagcheck tables setup about 20 feet after entrance. Security/employees would direct anyone with bags to those tables.That makes it nice for those not carrying extra baggage. You should never have to wait through lines that does not effect you. It's like going to grocery store to buy one item and having to wait behind someone with whole cart full of items. All I can think of is Walter working as WalMart greeter, "Welcome to WalMart. Get your sh** and get out!". :)

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Anyone have a picture of the marina gate with the new security checkpoint?

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How have the checkpoints been? Hopefully quick and not much more waiting than usual...

I was in and out of the park several times yesterday, and the only wait I encountered was at the Marina entrance when our Coastermania Cruise group went back in.

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After a week-long stay at Breakers, my observation about the security measures and the lack of tunnel was that until I sat down just now to write this, I forgot this was supposed to be an issue.

My point? complete non-issues. We came in with a bag, so that had to be checked each morning, and I (out of 4 of us) wore a belt and watch that made the detector beep each morning, so I had to be wanded to make sure I wasn't a terrorist.

I think a grand total of 7-8 seconds was added to our day.

The lack of tunnel is a welcome change in my view. I always found it as an unnecessary eyesore. As both a driver in a car that had to stop for guests when I was leaving/arriving at occasional times and as a guest who was entering/exiting the park it was simply nothing to write home about.

The people manning the security posts acted professionally and were very pleasant; heck one morning we even stayed at the metal detector for an extra 5 minutes just so we could continue our discussion about running, as he noticed my Cleveland Marathon shirt.

Maybe it's different at the main gate, and all I can speak to is from the perspective of a Breakers guest, but we had no negative experiences.

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It's much faster than the wanding last year.

Its a useless nuisance!

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I'm not saying I like it, and we could all debate the usefulness endlessly; what I am saying is that, compared to previous years, they have improved the measures in place, and the metal detector did not add anything with regards to waiting around, etc.

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I've only been in the main gate so far this year and so far things have gone much quicker and smoother than last year's wandings. Not having to empty my pockets like I was asked to several times during the previous set up definitely makes things go smoother and is less aggravating.

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That is what I predicted before the season started, that the metal detectors are much better than the manual wanding if the want security theater. Definitely a big improvement. And the Cedar Point security employees are friendly, respectful and pleasant. Much better than the Tenable people from last year.

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After observing procedures since opening day, this weekend I managed to get into and out of both CP and CPS with actual weapons on my person. I would never need to use them (nor would anyone else for that matter) but it was more about proving it can be easily done and proving Pete's point about theatre. Good work Cedar Fair! You've inconvenienced your paying customers for a system anyone with enough determination and ceativity can beat.

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Key knife?

cptedsdisciple2 said:

After observing procedures since opening day, this weekend I managed to get into and out of both CP and CPS with actual weapons on my person.

So NOT impressed.


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Kevinj said:

...he noticed my Cleveland Marathon shirt...

WHAT? You didn't go to an amusement park in amusement park attire?? How unenthusiast of you!

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