Cedar Point new security checkpoint

I guess boarder patrol of the Canada line has found a threat against them for the fourth of July. The swat team is searching all bags and pockets. They have those metal detector bars to scan people. I have a feeling this may be legitimate.

SV ruins all other rides.

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I just saw some mention of it on facebook but it was shared by the teen daughter of a friend but there's no way to trace the info other than basically someone has a Lemon Chill Guy friend in border patrol. Someone claimed it may be a hoax to make the lines shorterby scaring people away. Hopefully nothing happens.

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That's a few idiots if they made something like this up to "keep the lines short." Especially since it definitely won't do that and there will be major repercussions if caught.

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I know. Since there is actual security check points going on I assume there must have been way something more than someone starting a rumour.

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OK, let's be careful with speculation and try to stay one step above crazy social media rumors. There is a new security procedure this morning at the park, but that's all we know.


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Yeah, it certainly isn't just a facebook rumor then. I'm not at the park this weekend, although we usually are (trading out for the nhra race in Norwalk instead). I doubt anything will happen, but it would certainly be something I would be thinking about had we been there...although I know that is kind of pointless because in reality, anything could happen at any time, all of the time.

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Are they actually inspecting vehicles that anyone has seen? I was sad to not be there for the 4th, but now I'm kind of glad I'm not there this weekend. I usually have a small picnic spread in my backpack lol

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They're free to check my fanny pack and wand me all they like. I've got nothing to hide.

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I suppose there's always the possiblility they are anticipating an unusually high amount of drunk and disorderlies with the holiday and want to know they aren't armed.

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So is it CPPD or Live E that handles security theater?

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I can only hope/believe this is just for this weekend.

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This is the first time they did this, certainly isn't for drunk and disorderly. They were talking about a fourth of July threat against unknown targets on WTAM on Thursday night but was only half listening so I don't know the details.

That said, I came in through the Chausee and had no one inspect my vehicle. Google maps rerouted me off the Causeway because of delays. Maybe the delays are heavy traffic or enhanced security, I don't know.

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When there is a threat, credible or not, you have to take precautions to protect your employees, guests, and property. For Cedar Point to conduct searches of bags, cars, and persons reflects they are taking this threat seriously.

Until the threat is proven to be unsubstantiated the security protocols will probably remain in effect.

Being the 4th of July holiday, you have a large amount of people in a contained space. It's similar to sporting events on holiday weekends. It is the perfect venue for some type of attack that can cause large amounts of injury and destruction.

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Again, it's one of those things that, if there's some kind of rumor of a threat, and they do nothing - then something does happen - they would have to answer as to why they didn't take precautions. It's better to look safe than sorry.

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Paisley said:

Someone claimed it may be a hoax to make the lines shorter by scaring people away. Hopefully nothing happens.

Can someone go find me this someone? This someone needs to be slapped, repeatedly.

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Lots of people need to be slapped repeatedly...

We entered@ 9 from resort entrance & nothing was different. When we were up on wind seeker about 11:30 we could see that sign being put in place and a table for bag checks I assume. As we left They were wanding people Entering. Might be interesting to re-enter this evening. Chris

The increased security precautions appear to be a multi-park annoyance. Dorney Park guests have been being wanded since last weekend.

Posted on Instagram too I saw.

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