Cedar Point new security checkpoint

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Unless there was a threat made specifically to CP there is nothing in this thread that would be of any help to a terrorist and even then I find it highly unlikely. It's not like we've been discussing how they could get past security. Most of this thread has been a discussion about rights and opinions about how much security we think the park needs at any given time. We've given away no secrets.

coasterblu said:

The threads here are all an ongoing argument...


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TTD6262 said:

Uh oh, I'm really dumb. I just wanted to apologize for what I said about the boards AND for coming on way too strong about it. I guess you don't realize how dumb you sound until you read back through it, and I made That mistake here. I still disagree with most of you, but the way I went about doing it was totally unacceptable.

Maybe it's because I'm from the south :P

Being from the south doesn't excuse your behavior. I'm from the south as well.

It's one thing to defend your opinions and beliefs. However you became defensive. There is a difference between the two.

I commend you for apologizing and taking ownership of your mistake.

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Well I was being more offensive than defensive, but same difference I guess.

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Correct! Being defensive can be offensive.

Pete said:
Sure, let's do censorship and limit freedom of speech on a enthusiast website in the name of "safety". CHOKE/GAG!

As you pointed out this is a site for enthusiasts and it is privately funded and operated. People are free to share their thoughts...but the operators of this site are also free to moderate the content if they feel that it is inappropriate or would reflect negatively on their brand in any way.

The chances of a terrorist ever using any of the comments contained in these threads is extremely low. Then again, we have established that some sort of a threat existed this year (you pointed it out yourself) so it is is not unreasonable to assume that similar threats will occur in the future. If something does ever happen and it is discovered that a terrorist visited this thread prior to the attack looking for any information about park security procedures for the 4th of July, I think most of us would be mortified.

It was merely a suggestion and I wanted to raise it as a point of consideration but it's certainly not something I'm going to get worked up over. Although I don't understand the purpose of the abrasive tone in your response I appreciate you sharing your own opinion.

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jsmith7300 said

If something does ever happen and it is discovered that a terrorist visited this thread prior to the attack looking for any information about park security procedures for the 4th of July, I think most of us would be mortified.

I think most of us would be gobsmacked that anyone would be seeking information on park security procedures on an obscure enthusiast website.

I'm a Marxist, of the Groucho sort.

You're right they probably wouldn't come here specifically but this thread will appear on the first page of Google using some fairly simple search terms.

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Would you be as equally mortified that they could come on here (at any point) looking for an answer to what days are the most crowded at the park? Because then they'd know that certain Saturdays in October (among other days) are the most crowded and the most opportune time to......well, you know. I'm sure that kind of google search result would be just as fruitful as finding out something a little more arbitrary as security on the 4th.

Not saying that what you're saying is technically wrong.....just addressing that there are other times when the public could be at risk. Except I, personally, put the level of risk at a (theoretical) 1/10.

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There is a security checkpoint with metal detector wands at the soak city /challenge park gate.

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Is this a regular occurrence these days? I haven't been down in a while.

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They were checking folks at the main gate when I was there a few weeks back.

Completely asinine.


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Again? I was just there over the weekend, and there was no such action taking place.

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Seems like they are testing it out here and there for a possible future full roll out.

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was there last month, and overheard a security guard saying they were training this year and next year there will be security checkpoints full time.

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I've never felt unsafe at the park, even in the dark. I understand what they're trying to do but it seems like they have enough security personnel on site to ward off trouble.

First ride; Magnum 1994

This really makes me wonder what changed. CP hasn't had security checkpoints for how long? Carowinds' new front gate removed the dedicated checkpoint with metal detectors.. and shortly thereafter, brought in the makeshift checkpoints with wands. Now CP seems to be adding the same.

New policy-makers or some credible threat?

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GL2CP said:

I understand what they're trying to do...

Inconvenience guests?


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I hope they don't do this full time next year, what a pile of steaming dung. I'm so tired of the inconvenience of these security checkpoints in so many different places. It seems like the highly creative solution to security these days is to electronically frisk everyone like common criminals.

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The nice thing about the Carowinds checkpoint is that they can easily move it depending on how busy the park is. Makes the entrance look nicer.

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