Cedar Point Legacy Walk

Will these bricks go on sale again or was it a one time thing? Neat idea.

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Last I saw which wasn't that long ago, they were still taking orders

Edit: They are. https://www.cedarpoint.com/play/events/150th-anniversary/guest-experiences

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And they’ve got plenty of room. I think everyone in Ohio could order a brick and there would still be space.

For anyone looking for Pete's brick, I found it... right above mine. :) It's on the far right side, in line with the circular buzzy car rides at Kiddy Kingdom.

The way they've arranged the bricks is kinda weird. It's like each section was an experiment. In the center and left side, they're more spread out, but on the right side a lot of them are on top of each other. And in the lower right section they're in straight lines. Still, the area looks really nice and it's cool to be "part" of the park!

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Find that brick!



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Seems like I’m near the middle in the big round center section. Too bad I couldn’t find it....

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As crappy as 2020 has been, there are some times you have to step back and be thankful.
I was glad to see this group come together and get a brick for Pete and John, neither of whom I met in real life, but I never thought of getting my self one.
Lo and behold, my brother and sister in law (and their kids!) took the thought out of the process for me. I'm told it's going to read "I died of Dysentery" because, you know, Oregon trail.

I am very fortunate in a way we all had masks on, because I choked up but was able to hide it thanks to the mask.
Merry Christmas everyone.

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