Cedar Point Legacy Walk

Sometimes I have seen general maps provided to people who purchase bricks/pavers for one cause or another. They divide the area where the bricks are set into smaller areas and tell you which one yours is in. You have to find it in that smaller area. I do not recall seeing anything from Cedar Point at to location. My daughter and I found our brick yesterday breaking up and searching for it separately. We got into the park at 10:30 so we had some time to kill before the rides started. Took less than 10 mins to find ours. Density of commemorative bricks isn't high so its easy to search. They did a nice job with the area. I took a pic of our brick and sent it to my wife and son and took a pic relative to the center 150th square in the middle so its easy to find.

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They key for us was that I used the horse image; so we all split up and took it section by section and looked only at horses... :)

It was fun; it actually became a game for our kids to find it.

Winner gets to stay, kid that loses has to go home. Go!

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It took a total of 9 people and about 45 total minutes over 2 evenings this weekend, but I found mine! There's a lot of bricks out there, so it can certainly be challenging. But it's a great feeling when you see it.

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^^ We have the carousel horse as well, We are scheduled to go Thursday and that is going to be something we HAVE to do. We have our whole family listed, including one person who has passed. However, CP was one of Dan's Fav places to go...so we felt it was a way to make sure people know he was there.

Dan is going to hang at The Point again, at least his memory. And we'll def have to stop and have a moment with him.

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Took my group a few tries, but we did find our brick. I was told by guest services that an Index is supposed to go up online this week, but I wouldn't put much faith in that actually happening.

Side note, I think I saw Pete's brick while looking around.

Tried looking for ours but then again I was trying to get in and out fast. (Merch run) An index or map sure would be great.

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Whether or not they have an index or map is beside the point. I would like to see a time-lapse video of that area as people slowly meander with their necks craned down moving like a scene from The Walking Dead.

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My daughter found ours in 10 minutes. It's awesome seeing everyone looking for theirs.

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^No one likes a bragger. ;)

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New bumper sticker coming soon

"My kid can find our brick faster than your kid"

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I was shocked she found it so fast, the kid can't find her shoes half the time.

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^Haha, that's awesome. Finding mine was a real struggle, to the point that I was considering crowd-sourcing some help on here and/or complaining, haha. But after two evenings of deep searching, Adam (TTD120mph) found my brick.

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Helps to be as systematic as you can (tougher with little kids). I saw a few people who were effectively walking in random circles searching. Could have looked at the same 25-50 bricks for hours and not found theirs. My daughter and I started at the bottom left and walked up to the top left. I suggested we split up at that point. She walked back down toward the bottom (10 or so feet over from the edge) and I walked along the top. I found our brick about 1 o'clock from 150th square in the middle about 20 rows above it. You definitely can get caught up reading the bricks rather than just scanning for yours. Some people were more creative than we were. Lots of memoriam bricks.

We spent Thurs in the park and it was our plan to find our brick. Luck was on our side, happen to be in the second row near a corner. Spent literally 3 minutes to find it. Also found someone else with my name. Spent quite a while looking at others. there is one brick installed inside down....wondered if that was on purpose or accident.

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I noticed at least 3 that were upside down while I was looking. Oops.

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They can't even install bricks right! Maybe one of those was Just Coasting's brick.

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Same guys who put on coaster wheels set the bricks?

Thabto said:

They can't even install bricks right! Maybe one of those was Just Coasting's brick.

Did one of them say "I Visit Every Week But Have Yet To Be Made Whole?"

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Well, this morning as we were walking across the bricks I saw a familiar name from this forum that caught my eye. It was Steven and D Shives (DSShives). Steve, I am not certain whether you have located your brick as of yet, but if you need any hints I could give you a general location.

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